Precision-Engineered Injection Moulds and Micro-Moulds
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Microsystems UK

Precision-Engineered Injection Moulds and Micro-Moulds

Microsystems UK manufactures injection moulds and micro-moulds for medical, pharmaceutical and ophthalmic applications.

101 Golborne Enterprise Park,
Warrington WA3 3GR,
United Kingdom

101 Golborne Enterprise Park,
Warrington WA3 3GR,
United Kingdom

Established in 2003, Microsystems UK is a leading manufacturer in precision-engineered injection moulds and micro-moulds for the medical, pharmaceutical and ophthalmic markets. We design mould tools for medical devices such as drug delivery inhalers, pens and injectables, micro-fluidic diagnostic chips (lab on a chip), intraocular lenses (IOL) and moulded implantable parts.

Microsystems offers innovative solutions for designing and manufacturing multi-cavity, high-volume moulds. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and specialise in ultra-precision micro-moulds, including micro-fluidic moulds. We provide factory acceptance testing (FAT), mould validations and technical moulding support as part of our comprehensive service.

Precision-engineered and micro injection moulds

From mould design to manufacturing, validation and production within an ISO Class 7 cleanroom, Microsystems can provide a complete project package. We have multiple Wittman-Battenfeld MicroPower machines on-site, ideal for microparts down to 0.0003g in weight.

Each machine is equipped with robotic part handling and an in-line camera vision system for quality control. We have experience in moulding special plastics such as bioresorbable polymers, drug filled plastics and high-performance polymers, including polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Microsystems can also provide a mould testing service within an on-site dedicated testing room. Our experienced moulding technicians can give support for FAT, design of experiments (DOE), process optimisation, mould troubleshooting and other queries. We can accommodate the customer’s machine to enable the validation of a full production cell.

At our sister site, Optimold, we have an injection mould range from 15T to 220T and Krauss Maffei 2-shot machines for over-moulded products. Optimold has ISO 13485 accreditation and can provide mould testing, mould validation and part production from low to high volume.

Precision-engineered micro machining for hardened steel

Our Kern Pyramid Nano milling machines allow for ultra-precision machining, which is needed when working on a micro-scale. The machines can machine 50-52Rc hardened steel to +/- 1 micron tolerance and a repeatability of 0.5 micron.

We can also machine optical finishes down to 5nm Ra with diamond cutters, mill micro-fluidic channels and features with cutters as small as 50 microns in diameter.

Clean temperature-controlled manufacturing and design for injection moulds

We have a talented team of designers with a wealth of experience and knowledge in precision manufacturing and medical mould design. We deliver a complete design service, starting with a comprehensive design for manufacturability (DFM) study with our MoldFlow analysis.

We can deliver complex tool designs with features for demoulding undercuts, screw threads and micro features. We also design mould inserts with conformal cooling, which can improve part quality and reducing the cycle times of certain products.

Precision-engineered measurement at small scales

Our site has several probe and non-contact scanning systems that can measure down to an accuracy of 0.8 microns. We also have a confocal microscope, which performs 3D scans at a 10nm resolution, and a white light interferometer microscope for nanometre Ra surface measurements.

Our latest investment has been in 3D scanning software from GOM, with computed tomography (CT) scan and computer-aided design (CAD) compare technology. This has been an invaluable cost and time-saving tool for evaluating machined and moulded parts.

Microsystems Singapore

Located at the prestigious MedTech Hub, Microsystems Singapore is in a perfect location to exploit the benefits of new technologies and expertise on this side of the globe.

Microsystems has been established in Singapore for more than ten years. With the same design, manufacturing and production operations as in the UK, we can provide our service to customers in South East Asia, as well as supporting the UK site. Our mould test area includes Battenfeld and Sodick micro-moulding machines, in addition to all-electric Fanuc 15T to 100T moulding machines.

Micro Systems (UK) Limited

101 Golborne Enterprise Park

Warrington WA3 3GR

United Kingdom

Micro Systems (UK) Limited

Calle Ruiz Belvis #2

Edificio David Questel, Suite A

Santa Isabel, PR 00757

Puerto Rico

Micro Systems Engineering Solutions Pte Ltd

MedTech Hub

Tukang Innovation Grove #05-02

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