SARIX manufactures electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment for the production of microparts and micro tools. SARIX equipment is very flexible and can combine different processes on the same machine, including EDM drilling, EDM sinking, EDM milling and EDM wire grinding.

With SARIX equipment, the high quality surface finishing required by the medical industry can be attained even on hard and difficult materials like titanium, tungsten carbide and memory alloys.

3D EDM micromilling

SARIX has developed 3D EDM micromilling to a point where 3D cavities and shapes, with micron size details, can be machined in a single step, without the need to produce complex electrodes.

Cavities and moulds are created, in a single process, directly from the CAD data and with the use of standard cylindrical electrodes. This process ensures the highest precision in the machining of plastic injection moulds, stamping tools, microfluidics prototypes and tools, and surgical instruments.

Microfluidics moulding tool with 60µm structure.
Medical surgical guiding spring; 80µm slot, 70µm deep.
Micro injection moulding cavity; 5mm outside diameter, 0.18mm structure.
SARIX micro-EDM machine.
Surgical instruments.

Drilling and machining of catheters and surgical and measurement instruments

Holes of diameters from 3mm down to 10µm can be drilled burr-free and extremely accurately. Drilling can be combined, in the same step, with EDM milling to create cones and arbitrary 3D shapes. This process is used by our customers in the machining of catheters and surgical and measurement instruments.

EDM machines for hard materials

SARIX EDM machines achieve good surfaces (Ra down to 0.05) and high precision shapes on hard and difficult materials like titanium, hardened steel, conductive ceramic, memory alloys and PCD. Of course, the more traditional steel and mould alloys are easily machined.

Wire electro-discharge grinding for electrode and part machining

SARIX machines can be equipped with a WEDG unit for wire electro-discharge grinding. This complementary process is used for electrode machining as well as for the part machining. The combination of various EDM processes in a single machine offers maximum precision and an optimal use of the investment.

Laser electrode measurement, optical measurement and contact measurement

SARIX offers different on-board measurement and protocol capabilities, including laser electrode measurement with submicron accuracy, optical measurement and contact measurement.

Microfluidics circuits, surgical tools and implants

SARIX machines are the result of 15 years of activity solely in the EDM micromachining field. SARIX’s innovative technology is applied in the manufacturing of automotive injection systems and in the aerospace, micromechanics and medical industries. SARIX machines are used in many universities for the development of the medical parts of tomorrow: microfluidics circuits, surgical tools and implants.