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Wireless Monitoring Solutions for Medical Facilities

ICARE provides remote monitoring solutions for medical facilities and laboratories.


ICARE provides remote monitoring solutions for medical facilities and laboratories.

The company’s systems offer optimal wireless range with industry-leading power management for long battery life. Our wide variety of sensors and monitoring solutions are designed for ease of use.

Remote monitoring solutions for pharmacies

Ensuring medications are stored at the correct temperature and humidity conditions is essential for optimal potency and patient safety. Pharmacy policies determine if these factors can ruin medication when it is not maintained properly, which can cause harm.

ICARE’s solutions offer real-time monitoring and notifications to not only determine conditions but also prevent them from ruining medication.

Our monitoring systems allow medical facilities and laboratories to monitor and record temperatures in refrigerators and freezers, with notifications via email or text message if they go out of range or a door is left open. Temperatures between -200°C and 162°C can be easily observed with high accuracy.

Laboratories can also enhance security by monitoring access to the lab or other restricted areas.

Laboratory cooler and freezer monitoring system

ICARE helps companies easily keep track of laboratory equipment and samples. By monitoring for unauthorised access, you can ensure valuable equipment is secure and testing procedures are not compromised.

Our monitoring solutions can be used to keep samples and reagents within optimal range for testing accuracy. ICARE can save laboratories and pharmacies hundreds of thousands of dollars in product spoilage with a low-cost, wireless monitoring system.

The system can send email or text message notification if the freezer or refrigerator temperature goes out of range, as well as if a door is left open.

In addition, you can monitor equipment power usage for predictive maintenance and repair. The solution also offers access monitoring for laboratories and restricted areas.

Property management for medical facilities

ICARE offers an alternative to manual staff patrol with extensive remote sensor monitoring solutions, suitable for both large and small commercial operations. Our wireless sensor system helps maintain proper operation of buildings and facilities with real-time text message or email alerts.

Our wireless temperature sensors help track temperature levels in critical areas, including coolers, server rooms and storage areas, with a user-specified safe range.

Water detection sensors are designed for examine water intrusion, leaks and plumbing issues. They can be used around water heaters, plumbing such as faucets and toilets, as well as crawl spaces for immediate detection of leaks.

ICARE wireless motion sensors are used to detect movement in buildings or restricted areas. They can be set to alert according to user requirements, either at certain times of the day or night, or 24 hours a day.

Additionally, humidity sensors monitor and track humidity levels and temperatures. These are designed to protect environmentally sensitive areas with alerts when levels go out of the designated safe range.

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  • Wireless Sensors Use Case: Pharmaceuticals

    ICARE was contacted by a large biotech company when a pharmaceutical storage freezer quit over a weekend. The freezer failure had ruined the entire stored inventory. The freezer had an integrated temperature display but no notification system integrated.

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