"San Jose is a terrific host for BIOMEDevice conferences and exhibits and, in fact, hosted a 2010 event that we also attended," said Accumold marketing director Aaron Johnson. "This year, there are 2,323 biomedical companies with 267,271 employees. Those companies generate $115.4 billion in total estimated revenues and will also export $18 billion in products this year. California is a huge biomedical market — and that makes it very important for us to once again show the Accumold flag at BIOMEDevice San Jose."

BIOMEDevice San Jose, which will run from Dec. 3rd – 5th, will feature more than 300 exhibiting companies, 2,244 medical device manufacturers and 400 leading original equipment manufacturers.

"Almost 85 percent of the conference attendees are from California," Johnson said. "So, this trade show, which is the last for us in 2012, is a great occasion to stay connected to industry leaders in one of the world’s most vibrant and important markets. And, it’s another very good opportunity to meet and make new friends."

Since its inception in 1985, Accumold’s mission has been the production of super-micro, ultra-precision, plastic injection-molded parts. Parts manufactured by the firm are critical components of the medical, automotive, military, aerospace and telecommunications industries. They can be found in micro-electronics, cell phones, telecommunications, surgical tools, hearing aids, medical devices, antennas, connectors and more. To produce those parts, Accumold builds specialised molding machines engineered to handle volumes from prototypes to millions per year while maintaining consistent, precise tolerances that are unique in the industry.