The Accumold marketing team is preparing to travel to historic Birmingham, England for MM, MEMS & Nano Live UK, which is one of the micro-manufacturing sector’s largest events of the year.

As the organizers note, "This event has grown to be one of Europe’s leading events dedicated to Micro, MEMS & Nano manufacturing. Exhibits cover the full spectrum of technologies from laser micromachining through to micro injection molding and from MEMS fabrication, through to assembly, inspection and test equipment and offers visitors a one-stop shop for small and ultra precision part technology. Over 2,000 attendees came in 2011 and many exhibitors have reserved their space for the next show, which signals continued growth for 2012."

Accumold’s marketing team has once again traveled the globe this year to share the story of the company’s patented micro-molding processes and long, broad record of successes.

"The technology we see and share at these events is nothing short of breath-taking, but to see the world’s leaders in micro-manufacturing and micro-molding come together in a city that was at the very heart of the Industrial Revolution really puts into perspective just how far we’ve come in such a short time," said Roger Hargens, president of Accumold. "Birmingham is a special chapter in the history of manufacturing and this conference will add a new and intriguing page. I’m pleased that our team will be there to tell our story."

Since its inception in 1985, Accumold’s mission has been the production of super-micro, ultra-precision, plastic injection-molded parts. Parts manufactured by the firm are critical components of the medical, automotive, military, aerospace and telecommunications industries. They can be found in micro-electronics, cell phones, telecommunications, surgical tools, hearing aids, medical devices, antennas, connectors and more. To produce those parts, Accumold builds specialized molding machines engineered to handle volumes from prototypes to millions per year while maintaining consistent, precise tolerances that are unique in the industry.