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Liquid and Powder Aerosols, Emulsions and Gels

AVEFLOR is a Czech manufacturer and supplier of human and veterinary drugs, medical devices and cosmetics.


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AVEFLOR is a Czech manufacturer and supplier of human and veterinary drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. Founded in 1995, the company started with liquid and powder aerosols manufacturing. Afterwards, it expanded to include emulsions and gels, filling both plastic containers and the BOV aerosol system. AVEFLOR also provides professional contract manufacturing services for a range of pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Pharmaceutical and medical device contract manufacturing

AVEFLOR not only produces products under its own brands, but also acts as a contract manufacturer. This service can include new product development, certification, purchase of raw and packing materials, series production and delivery.

Clean medical manufacturing procedures

All of our products are filled or manufactured in ‘clean’ premises, where strict manufacturing procedures are followed. These have been designed in such a way as to enable independent flow of input materials, operating staff and output of final products.

Quality management systems and certification

The company possesses the following certificates:

AVEFLOR manufactures own-brand and contract cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
All of its products are manufactured in ‘clean’ premises to ensure quality and compliance.
The company has a strong customer and quality focus, and possesses a large number of quality certificates, including ISO 12 488: 2003.
Key products include sprays for wound healing and protection, wound microenvironment regulation and tooth vitality assessment.
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems
  • ISO 13 488: 2003 medical devices quality management systems
  • ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management systems
  • CE 120
  • Certificate for production of veterinary preparations
  • Certificate for production of human drugs (GMP)

AVEFLOR wishes to achieve permanent mutual trust with its partners as well as the collective responsibility of all employees for product quality and company reputation.

For this reason, the company uses an integrated quality management system that conforms to international standards CSN EN ISO 9001:2000. We have integrated the requirements for good manufacturing practice (GMP), standard requirements for medical devices (CSN EN ISO 13 485), environment preservation (CSN EN ISO 14 001) and safety and health protection standard (OHSAS 18 001) in these standards. Enlisted norms present an internationally recognised standard, increasing the supplier’s credibility.

Customer and quality focused medical device manufacturing

AVEFLOR’s mission is summed up by the following principles, which the company aims to achieve:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Identifying of employees with company vision, mission and strategy
  • Positive company contribution to the environment
  • Positive approach to occupational health and safety
  • Spreading the good name of the company in the region, in the entire Czech Republic and abroad

Key medical products offered by AVEFLOR

Our primary medical products are as follows:

  • Akutol Spray (60ml) – an odourless protective plastic bandage with propellant. It is intended for rapid treatment of abrasions and minor superficial injuries, and is water resistant, breathable and transparent
  • Akutol Stopjodin Spray – powder bandage in a spray, with propellant. It is designated for minor superficial injuries, and disinfects and creates a regenerative bandage that stops minor bleeding, supports wound cleaning and accelerates healing
  • Akutol Stop Spray – stops bleeding and contains herbal ingredients. It is for minor superficial injuries, and creates a powder coating that absorbs the blood from the site of injury to produce a cooling hydrogel. It stops minor bleeding, accelerates healing and contains aloe vera, chamomile, marigold, and sea buckthorn
  • Akutol Hydrogel Spray (75g) – hydrocolloid wound gel, without parabens. Medical device that indirectly promotes wound healing through the regulation of the wound microenvironment. It is designated for acute and chronic wounds. Mainly it is for superficial burns, abrasions, surgical wounds, pressure sores and leg ulcers
  • Cognoscin Spray (75ml) – designed for estimative tests of tooth vitality and examination of focal infection, this product helps dentists establish if the nerve in a tooth is alive or dead

If you would like to know more about AVEFLOR’s products and services, or would like to make an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details or form below.

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    The Czech company AVEFLOR Corp. was founded in 1995. It has been producing liquid and powder aerosols since its foundation. In 2007, the company extended its range of technologies by including the production of emulsions and gels in plastic containers and in BOV aerosols.

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507 32 Kopidlno
Czech Republic

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