Hygenic Corporation manufactures a wide variety of rubber and latex-free medical-grade tubing, latex and synthetic rubber sheeting, and extruded thermoplastic elastomer films. Many of our formulations have already been tested for biocompatibility to ISO 10993 requirements. These products are sold to the medical device, in-vitro diagnostic, laboratory and healthcare markets.

Synthetic rubber compounds for medical tubing and sheeting

Although Hygenic has a wide range of medical-grade synthetic rubber compounds, the earlier we are involved in the design process the better. Hygenic specializes in custom synthetic rubber and elastomer formulations to meet the specific functional requirements of your application.

Our materials engineering expertise and prototype capabilities allow us to be an active part of your design and development process. Furthermore, our manufacturing capabilities translate to tight dimensional tolerances. We are also able to support your brand image with custom color and print options.

Elastomeric tubing and solid cord

When elasticity or modulus is critical, synthetic rubber is often the best choice. Rubber compounds have low compression set, which makes these polymers well-suited for fluid control through pinch valves or in peristaltic pump applications. Typical uses of our medical tubing products are in fluid delivery or collection sets, in drug infusion systems, or for the movement of air or gases in surgical instruments.

Hygenic is a custom manufacturer of synthetic rubber and elastomer tubing and sheeting components for the medical device industry.
Hysynal synthetic rubber tubing is the ideal choice when compression set is a concern.
Hygenic manufactures synthetic rubber sheeting in a wide range of colors and thickness.
Hygenic tourniquets are available in a variety of packaging configurations, ready for use in custom medical / surgical kits.

Natural latex rubber sheeting and synthetic rubber sheeting

Hygenic Corporation’s unique, proprietary manufacturing process delivers the best in natural latex rubber and synthetic rubber sheeting products. We specialize in thin gauge sheeting, which is tear and chemical resistant and maintains its performance characteristics under the most demanding requirements.

We offer a full spectrum of colors and gauges for the task at hand. Typical uses of our sheeting products are as straps for masks or bite blocks and may involve custom die-cutting and printing. Other uses are for esmark bandages and as gaskets in medical device assemblies.

Rubber latex tourniquets and synthetic tourniquets

Hygenic tourniquets are available in both natural rubber latex and synthetic materials.

Tear-resistant and smooth to the touch, both our synthetic tourniquets and latex tourniquets are available in 0.75in and 1in widths, in a variety of packaging and quantity options. Designed to provide comfort and non-slip performance, these tourniquets meet biocompatibility testing requirements, are powder-free, and are easily tied and untied. We also can provide custom colors and packaging.

A trusted partner in elastomeric tubing and sheeting

Hygenic Corporation has over 75 years of experience developing and manufacturing various elastomeric polymers for unique applications. Our facilities are FDA-registered and ISO-certified. We supply products globally and we understand medical device requirements. We provide our customers with cost-effective, high-quality products and services that make us a valued supplier. We look forward to working for you.