LASTEC uses 2D / 3D micro laser welding, micro laser cutting, micro laser drilling and precision micro laser processing / machining in order to produce high-precision stainless steel, titanium or NiTi components and subassemblies for the medical market, from laser process development to fully automated laser-assisted production.

The ISO 9001 / EN 13485-certified company combines laser materials processing technology with other technologies, such as chemical machining and high-precision bending, to create and produce complex-shaped 3D thin-sheet assemblies (for example, featuring small sizes).

Burr-free high-precision medical parts and subassemblies

Besides its comprehensive selection of dedicated laser facilities, LASTEC runs a number of chemical and mechanical post-treatment processes on a complementary and supportive basis to the laser processes. It is mainly thanks to these auxiliary processes, along with self-imposed, tough quality control, that LASTEC is in a position to offer and maintain an extraordinary quality standard of absolutely burr-free and clean high-precision parts as well as subassemblies.

3D thin-sheet high-precision medical assemblies

In addition, the company combines its laser materials processing technology with other technologies, such as chemical machining and high-precision bending, to create and produce complex-shaped 3D thin-sheet high-precision assemblies; for example, featuring miniature sizes as shown in the fourth image of a piercing filter unit.

3D micro laser welding at three places (click to see arrows).
Micro laser cutting of ‘stent-similar’ tubular stainless-steel component featuring ultra-high flexibility (component is chemically post-treated to fully de-burr and clean).
Micro laser cutting to make a regular stainless-steel tube as flexible as a chain, for use as a flexible drive component.
Micro laser cutting combined with chemical post treatment, high-precision bending and automated laser-assisted assembling by micro laser welding - application: piercing filter unit.
Automated laser-assisted production equipment to manufacture custom-made high-precision medical components.

With its activity in the food processing domain, LASTEC has a strong foothold in metal filter technology and produces and sells proprietary products for that purpose.

Custom-made high-precision medical components and subassemblies

LASTEC also has an in-house capability to design and build laser-specific tooling and automation to cover the internal need linked to specific complete solutions for any custom-made high-precision component and / or subassembly.

LASTEC favours business opportunities in typical full-responsibility outsourcing partnerships for complete components and or subassemblies.

ISO-certified laser materials processing contract manufacturer

LASTEC was founded in 1995 and is a highly experienced, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified laser materials processing contract manufacturer, with a predominant presence in the medical market. The company specialises in high-precision, high-speed 2D / 3D laser cutting and welding, starting from process development through to automated production, on a large variety of stainless steel, titanium and NiTi components for surgical instruments and implants.

A strong and highly skilled team of laser materials processing experts professionally maintains and operates a set of nine fully CNC-controlled high-precision machines featuring from three to five mostly linear motor-driven axes. Seven of the machines are fitted with different Nd:YAG lasers, one with a Rofin Sinar DC020 CO2 laser and one with a razor-sharp fibre-laser.