Lee Spring’s 2010 stock and custom catalog introduces two innovative product lines featuring technically advanced corrosion-resistant materials and unique designs: LeeP™ plastic composite springs and Bantam™ mini compression springs. Other new stock spring designs include additional compression instrument springs, new smaller diameter Redux™ wave springs, as well as an expansion of Lee’s standard stock compression springs.

LeeP plastic composite springs are Lee Spring’s answer to the search for compression springs combining the special attributes of high performing plastics with the strength of metal. After years of extensive engineering design and materials research, Lee Spring’s technical team developed this unique line.

LeeP springs are designed to meet a wide range of applications where non-corroding, non-metallic, inert materials are preferred. They are stocked in a range of standard sizes, each available in a variety of strengths formulated from different Ultem™ composites. The six increasing strengths are easily identifiable by their distinct colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, with violet being the strongest. Lee Spring has also developed the advanced technology to provide custom LeeP springs to meet customers’ most exacting requirements.

New Bantam mini compression springs

Bantam mini compression springs are Lee’s response to customers’ demands for miniature stock springs that combine strength with corrosion resistance. They start at wire diameter 0.004in, just slightly thicker than a human hair, and range up to 0.0055in in outside diameters 0.025in to 0.057in.

In order to meet and maximize the performance needs of a diverse range of applications, Lee Spring selected Elgiloy® as the alloy of choice for stock Bantam springs. Elgiloy has the advantages of being 10% stronger than Type 316 stainless steel, showing superior resistance in most chemical environments and being heat resistant up to 850°F. Bantam mini compression springs are also available in custom designs in Elgiloy and other alloys.

Lee Spring offers extensive custom services for the production of springs, wire forms, washers, stampings, four slide parts and assemblies. All of the 2010 stock spring additions, along with all Lee Spring stock products, meet RoHS and REACH environmental standards. Lee’s online catalog features user-friendly product search engines as well as ecommerce options. To order a complimentary 2010 print catalogue, contact Lee Spring.

Lee Spring is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of stock and custom mechanical wire springs, servicing diverse manufacturing markets in the US and throughout the world from eight locations in the US, Mexico, the UK and China.