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Implantable-Grade Crystal Timing Solutions for Healthcare Products

Micro Crystal develops micro-scale timing and frequency products for use in critical medical equipment.


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Micro Crystal supplies ultra-low power, micro-scale timing and frequency products for life-saving medical devices. Our products can address the needs for low-frequency (32-102.4kHz) tuning fork crystals, AT-cut crystals (14-50MHz), low-frequency oscillators (32.768-100kHz), and real-time clock modules.

We provide state-of-the-art components based on mature and reliable quartz technology for medical implantables and other healthcare applications. These components are helping to miniaturise electronic equipment and can be used in all designs where time accuracy, component density, and size are challenges.

Highly accurate timing and frequency components for medical devices

Errors made in the medical industry can often prove fatal, so electronic devices and equipment must operate at a high level of precision. To help healthcare professionals make sound decisions, the data obtained from electronic sensors and signal processing systems must have a low margin of error over many samples.

This is where the high accuracy and stability of Micro Crystal’s timing and frequency components make the difference. Device reliability is also critical, as some electronic equipment used in hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities is used to perform life-critical functions.

Micro Crystal supplies reliable micro-scale timing and frequency products for life-saving medical devices.
We provide compact and miniature timing and frequency products that can be used in activity trackers.
Our timing solutions are well-suited for medical electronic equipment such as monitoring solutions, diagnostic devices, and smart implantable applications.
Micro Crystal enables the electronic operation of smart wearables and other everyday medical monitoring and healthcare products.
With its ultra-low current consumption of 45 nanoamperes, the RV-5028-C7 Medical is a key component for timekeeping in smart implants.
Our low-power, compact quartz-based components allow electromedical and active implantable devices to operate reliably.
Micro Crystal’s robust components are used prominently in healthcare products such as glucose meters and insulin pumps.
Our products offer solutions to multiple applications, from neuro-stimulation to smart implants.
Micro Crystal’s medical portfolio includes tuning fork and AT-cut crystals, oscillators, and real-time clock modules.
The company’s primary design and manufacturing facilities are located in Grenchen, Switzerland.

Medical monitoring and active implant applications are closely linked to timing solutions and must be reliable and accurate, ideally with low power consumption and a small form factor. This is the hallmark of Micro Crystal products and the reason why our products are selected by many designers in the healthcare and medtech industry.

Components for monitoring, diagnostic and implantable medical devices

Micro Crystal’s frequency and timing components are helping to enable the development of cutting-edge, highest risk-ranked, Class III electromedical and active implantable devices, as well as electronic-enabled drug delivery devices. These components guarantee long-term reliability, miniature size, and best-in-class functional performance.

Micro Crystal components can be used in non-implantable devices and feature prominently in healthcare products such as continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and insulin pumps. Our long history in supplying medical implantable-grade timing components ensures that each component is produced in-line with the highest quality production technologies and standards.

Connective components to enable telehealth capabilities

By designing ultra-low power, small-scale, reliable timing products, Micro Crystal allows fitness trackers, smartwatches, sleep trackers, wearable devices, and many other medical monitoring and healthcare products to operate efficiently. Connecting these devices to the digital world enables them to offer telehealth services.

Telehealth allows the monitoring of chronic conditions to be shared with physicians, helping them prevent patients from deteriorating into cardiac or respiratory arrest. The future involves keeping better track of our health and reducing hospital visits and readmissions due to poorly managed personal health.

Components to address size and low-power design issues

Micro Crystal’s RV-5028-C7 Medical combines a 32.768kHz crystal with a real-time clock (RTC) integrated circuit in a full ceramic, miniature package of 3.2mm x 1.5mm. The component’s small profile of 1mm allows it to meet extremely compact design requirements.

The RV-5028-C7 Medical offers plug and play with an integrated I2C-400kHz communication bus. Due to its modular design, it does not require any oscillator optimisation during its design phase and minimises integration constraints, which reduces both development-validation costs and time to market.

The RTC’s extremely low power consumption of only 45 nanoamperes optimises power management in standalone, battery-operated smart implantable devices. The implantable grade RV-5028-C7 Medical is typically used in the design of neurostimulators, cardiac monitoring devices, infusion pumps, and smart orthopaedic implants.

Regulatory certification and compliance for device design and manufacturing

Micro Crystal complies with all relevant international requirements to ensure the quality, safety, and environmental friendliness of its components, processes, and systems. Our products comply with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS), and Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

To achieve the highest level of reliability required by medical and healthcare applications, Micro Crystal carries out in-depth screening tests both during production processes and with fully assembled parts. For medical implantable devices, we ensure full traceability records for all the parts in our medical product category.

About Micro Crystal

As a manufacturer of quartz-based timing and frequency components, Micro Crystal works closely with medical device companies to assist their developmental design efforts while providing technical proficiency, commercial expertise, and a dependable supply of quartz components.

We understand the importance and need for timekeeping in the medical industry and know that monitoring means nothing without a reliable time reference. With an ageing population experiencing health conditions that need to be monitored and treated, the requirements for monitoring wearable devices trend towards smaller form factors and efficient low-power designs that reduce battery size.

As part of SWATCH Group’s Electronic Systems division, Micro Crystal reflects its parent company’s commitment to timing through reliable, miniature, ultra-low power and highly accurate frequency products.

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