Mikrotech announced today that it has increased its micro machining capability by adding a 5-axis micro machining center. The new 5-axis micro machining center will give medical device designers and manufacturers the ability to design and fabricate smaller components with more complex features and higher precision tolerances.

"The 5-axis micro machining center is a terrific addition to our already best-in-class multi-axis CNC and Swiss screw micro machining equipment," said Mark Roszko, Mikrotech’s Engineering Program Manager. "Our equipment has twice the precision as conventional machining equipment and is specifically designed for micro machining. The 100,000rpm spindle speed improves surface finish and gives Mikrotech the ability to micro machine a larger variety of materials."

Mikrotech is a leading full service micro manufacturer of custom-designed components and subassemblies for medical devices used in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Mikrotech offers a comprehensive range of services to support MIS designers and manufacturers in all phases of the product development cycle: micromachining, micromolding, insert micromolding, micro subassembly and design and manufacturing engineering assistance.