PEKO Precision Products, a leading contract manufacturer of machinery, equipment, and complex electro-mechanical assemblies, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with FORGE, a nonprofit that helps startups and innovators navigate the journey from physical prototype to commercialization and impact at scale. With nearly nine out of ten startups resulting in failure, this new collaborative partnership could have a profound impact on the region’s startup ecosystem.

As part of this partnership, FORGE will work to understand a startup’s needs and make right-fit introductions to PEKO when they have good fit for manufacturing and commercialization of their hardware, machinery, or equipment and there is basis for a mutually beneficial relationship.

PEKO will also take part in FORGE events throughout the year to showcase its value to new product development teams as their engineering and manufacturing arm. PEKO will work collaboratively with the startups to provide end-to-end manufacturing support to bring their innovative products to market.

“When it comes to making and scaling physical products, a lot of new companies have gaps in knowledge, technical know-how, and manufacturing,” said PEKO’s New England Account Executive, Bill Melvin. “Most of the companies we work with don’t want to or don’t intend on ever having their own manufacturing plants. FORGE will help us connect with startups so we can work together effectively to increase their readiness.”

“By connecting Massachusetts startups to suppliers like PEKO, we’re empowering regional production and supporting the successful scaling of innovative products,” explained Adam Rodrigues of FORGE. “We’re thrilled to have PEKO as one of our high-quality and trustworthy resources to help drive a self-fueling ecosystem of innovation.”