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Fine Wires and Tubes for Medical Devices

Polyfil is a leader in microwire and tube production for medical devices. Core capabilities include drawing, straightening, insulating, online galvanic plating, annealing, cutting, laser ablating and thin-wall tube fabrication.

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Polyfil is a leader in microwire and tube production for medical devices. Core capabilities include drawing, straightening, insulating, online galvanic plating, annealing, cutting, laser ablating and thin-wall tube fabrication.

Our team produces millions of meters of specific and qualified microwires. Our passion and drive for innovating compliments our customers’ mission to improve quality and services. Together we collaborate to solve complex challenges and develop the next generation of microsensors.

Polyfil is certified according to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016) since 1997.

Fine wires for nanotechnologies and microtechnologies

Our fine wires, used in nano – and microtechnologies, appear where stringent specifications are needed and utilised in applications in the medical field. Through these wires, we are able to combine several methods making us the ideal partner to manufacture innovative products or production prototypes. Furthermore, we also offer larger quantities after approval.

Micro wires are available in numerous variations and may be adapted to meet specific requirements. Years of experience in various technologies allow us to explore fitting solutions for each client. Using our experienced electroplating facility, we can apply both, single and multilayer coatings, affecting chemical or electrical resistances.

Fine tube manufacturing capabilities

Our extensive knowledge in the manufacture of wires enables us to produce first-in-class fine tubing, fulfilling the wishes of a comprehensive range of clients who require a consistent quantity for their products.

In addition to various stainless-steels, we also process other materials such as gold, platinum and metal alloys, as well as non-ferrous metals like copper, nickel, nickel silver, brass or alternative copper alloys.

Micro cables and miniaturised components for medical devices

Ongoing miniaturisation has achieved a great deal in recent years for the field of micro cables. However, there are still demanding requirements that need extensive knowledge and flexibility. As a result of our expertise, we offer clients valuable assistance, combining various manufacturing process to develop complex products.

We produce coaxial conductors, multiple stranded filaments and parallel conductions as well as fixed connections sealed with stainless-steel. Renowned researchers and universities across the globe utilise our products throughout their studies.

Fine wire and tubes for medical components

Over recent years, medical technology has become a rapidly growing market for Polyfil. Great efforts and significant investments have been made to meet the stringent requirements of our clients in this field. We established a specialised laboratory, as well as suitable production areas to achieve this.

We offer valuable assistance in the design and development of prototypes and small orders, equipped for high production capacities, providing monopolar and bipolar electrodes, as well as catheters, probes, guide wires and electrodes solely and in combination. If necessary we manufacture products under laminar flow, prepared for sterile  and cleanrooms.

As a result of our advanced infrastructure, we offer 3D visualisations of the completed product at the prototype stage that later can be injection-moulded or used for other product-related components.

We also produce prototypes using 3D printing proficiencies. Manufacturing tools, prepared economically, are priced for utilisation in mass production by instantaneously minimising development and final production costs.

Customised solutions

If holistic solutions are required, you will find the right partner in Polyfil. As a pioneer in manufacturing microwire, we take over the entire part from planning to engineering to the suitability of your future product for serial production.

Combining state-of-the-art wire drawing and laser ablation with a top technical team allows Polyfil to partner with customers and provide winning solutions that meet technical and economic requirements.

We continually adapt to technological change by offering rapid prototyping including 3D printing and computer-aided design (CAD) to our clients.

Upon request, we also supply our products sterile, ready for use in cleanrooms.

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    Polyfil AG offers a large variety of high precision micro-fine wires and fine tubes for medical applications. These products are manufactured and delivered corresponding to the industry standards and customer-specific requirements.

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