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Medical Post-Extrusion Machinery

RDN Manufacturing is a global supplier of medical post-extrusion machinery, including precision vacuum sizing tanks, water bath cooling tanks, puller cutters, takeaway conveyors, product coilers and winders.


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Post-Extrusion Equipment for the Medical Industry

RDN Manufacturing is a global supplier of medical post-extrusion machinery, including precision vacuum sizing tanks, water bath cooling tanks, puller cutters, takeaway conveyors, product coilers and winders.

Our reputation is the result of our dedication to innovative engineering design, quality in-house manufacturing and technical support capabilities. RDN’s customised medical extrusion machinery and turnkey solutions increase productivity and minimise downtime.

The medical process expertise our team provides is second-to-none in the industry. With more than 53 years of experience, we take pride in our customer-focused approach to ensure client satisfaction.

Medical technology continues to advance, and RDN Manufacturing is helping to fuel this progression with our post extrusion equipment. Developed for medical cleanroom environments, our small footprint machines offer high levels of precision, repeatability and control.

Model: 2.0 PVS-3 Precision Vacuum Sizer.
Model: W2.0D-1T-10 Water Bath Cooling Tank.
Model: IC-1/212-2 Intellicut Puller Cutter.
Model: TT-0.5/206-1 Taper Tube Puller/Cutter.
Model: TT-1/212-2 Taper Tube Puller Cutter.
Model: 4-8AE Medical Take Away Conveyor with Air Eject.
Model: SP-24 Manual Transfer Medical Single Spindle Coiler.
Model: SSW-12 Manual Transfer Medical Winder.

Medical vacuum sizing tanks

All RDN vacuum tanks are engineered and manufactured to specific process requirements. RDN manufactures two types of vacuum sizing tanks.

Direct Vacuum Sizers utilising a constant velocity vacuum pump with a noise muffling system. Each compartment includes a stainless-steel cover, temperature gauge, air vent, vacuum regulator, vacuum gauge, water level control, window and a full-length catch tray.

Standard sizes: 3ft, 6ft, 12ft, 20ft lengths

Precision Vacuum Sizers are the ultimate design for cooling and sizing of small medical diameter tubes and hollow shapes. RDN’s patented IntelliSize closed-loop digital vacuum system provides close tolerance sizing of materials previously difficult, if not impossible to vacuum size. The three-compartment cooling/sizing tank is comprised of a start-up section with sight window, then a section for additional cooling of the extrudate and a third section that provides for water drainage and water stripping. These machines have the capability interface with other equipment.

Standard sizes: 3ft, 6ft, 10ft, 20ft lengths

Medical water bath cooling tanks

We design RDN medical water baths for cooling of small diameter medical tubing and hollow shapes. The water baths feature a full-length catch tray and air wipe compartment.

Our medical baths come in lengths of 10ft, 20ft and 30ft.

Medical combination puller cutters

RDN’s medical puller cutters feature a servo-driven puller and cutter to increase repeatability and boost productivity. We design our full line of medical puller cutters for high-speed automatic cutting and interface compatibility with other equipment.

Our full-colour operator interface is simple to navigate, providing operators visual confirmation of input, either in imperial or metric measurement, designed with the ‘safety first’ philosophy.

All RDN medical puller cutters offer taper / bump tubing capability. With more than 25 years of engineering and designing experience, our advancements in taper technology is second-to-none in the global medical industry.

The machine can produce taper tubing in single or multi-lumen and co-extruded.

Medical takeaway conveyors

RDN manufactures two types of takeaway conveyors, standard and those with air eject transport. Standard conveyors transport the cut product away from the cutter exit to a container at the end of the conveyor.

Conveyors with air eject transport the cut product away from the cutter exit then an air knife ejects the parts across the conveyor into a catch tray; this machine is also available with dual station air eject for product batching.

Our standard conveyor lengths include 4ft, 6ft, 8ft and 12ft.

Medical coilers and winders

RDN manufactures two types of manual transfer coilers, notably single spindle or dual spindle, featuring touchscreen control operator interface, dual-axis servo spindle and servo-driven traverse. The operator can easily input multiple variables such as line speed, core diameter, tubing diameter, core width.

We also manufacture a manual transfer medical winder with a smaller reel capacity and footprint for a clean room with limited space. This machine includes the same features as the coilers listed above.

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  • Medical Vacuum Sizing Tanks

    The patented design creates a vacuum through the use of a variable speed blower whose suction port is coupled to the air volume in the vacuum sizing compartment.

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