Teampac has appointed Carl Fagerudd to the position of sales director, as the company continues to develop its offering for healthcare products and to strengthen its solution-oriented customer care.

Carl has extensive experience of working in sales and other customer-facing roles for Teampac. He said: “Strengthening customer brands with the right solutions will continue to be at the core of what Teampac does. Our job is to provide brand owners with the know-how and ideas they need to expand their portfolios.

“That can mean noticing and filling gaps in their product lines, or successfully creating new product lines for them, from idea to execution.”

In recent years, Teampac has invested heavily in producing liquid-based healthcare products, including developing new product lines and boosting its human resources and marketing strength. Teampac’s core products in this field include wound and ostomy care solutions, in addition to other medical device products. Essentially, any product concept Teampac has can also be produced as a medical device.

Carl adds: “There is no other company in the Nordic region that can make as wide a range of products of this kind as we can.”

Teampac has no products of its own. All of the company’s expertise and effort go into helping other brands grow. In addition to research and development (R&D) and production, Teampac also helps its clients with legislation, documentation and market insights.

Carl said: “In the future, healthcare and cosmetics product ranges will complement one another more and more, and we already have customers with portfolios of both types of products.

“We have invested in our contract-manufacturing expertise in the requirements of both branches, so that we can better serve our customers.”

According to a recently conducted customer survey, Teampac’s customers greatly value the company’s reliability, expertise and punctuality. Both the company and its clients see a lot of potential in even deeper co-operation.

Carl adds: “With the strengthening of our sales and customer-care organisation we aim for the best customer experience in the market.”