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Critical Flat Steel Spring and Wire Form Applications for Medical Devices

Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing (Vulcan) provides critical flat steel springs and wire forms for medical device applications.

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Critical Flat Steel Spring and Wire Form Applications

Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing (Vulcan) provides critical flat steel springs and wire forms for medical device applications.

Headquartered in Telford, Pennsylvania, US, Vulcan has been meeting and exceeding performance demands globally for more than 50 years. The company is certified to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO)13485: 2016.

Vulcan not only offers customer service and support, but we also focus on your success. We listen, observe, and commit to understanding and solving your challenges.

This customer-centric approach aims to deliver a complete and positive experience. From the first call to the initial spring design to prototypes to production runs and beyond, our team will maintain close contact throughout the life of the product to ensure that you are maximizing the value of working with us.

Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing

We also understand the technical and regulatory challenges medical device manufacturers encounter. Vulcan’s Production, Assembly, and QC teams consistently work to exceed expectations.

Our team members listen and collaborate to arrive at the proper solution that leads to a successful launch and that support continues throughout the life of your product. Be assured that our experienced and friendly staff will deliver solutions that are certified to international quality standards and verified through extensive testing and measurement.

Spring and wire solutions with high force output

Constant force or Conforce® springs offer high force output within small space requirements, providing a long linear reach with minimal force build-up. They store power indefinitely upon extension.

You can find Conforce® springs in medical applications such as drug delivery devices, surgical staplers, bedside tables, medical carts and X-ray or MRI equipment. For drug delivery, the user must receive a full dose of the prescribed drug. With constant force springs, there is enough force at the end of delivery to ensure this and can also be designed to provide a stronger force at outset if the viscosity level requires it. In bedside tables or medical carts, constant force springs make it easier for the user to adjust the height of the apparatus to the necessary position. Latches are not needed and the spring can be housed neatly inside the column.

Spring and wire solutions for high torque applications

A constant torque or Contorque® spring provides high torque and comes with small space requirements. They are designed to produce either negative or positive gradient torque.

They are mostly used in devices such as vacuum therapy or surgical robotics. Certain laparoscopic devices and tools used in robotic surgery require cords in wound care to be managed. A very small spring package with a flat torque curve is needed.

Where low lifecycle cord management is required, a constant force spring can provide the necessary torque to return the cord.

Power springs for medical device applications

Torque increases throughout the total winding of these springs. They are pre-stressed to produce a flatter torque gradient and can be used to increase the number of turns in a case with a given diameter.

Power springs are common in surgical robotics, but can also be found in drug delivery, cord management, lift-assist handles, MRI machines, and even orthopedic replacements.

In drug delivery, there has been an increased demand for power springs where an initial high rate of torque is required for a high-viscous drug. The rotations of the power spring in a fast and concise manner allow for a full dispensing of the drug.

Power springs can serve as an agitator mechanism for two-stage biologics. In orthopedic replacements, power springs can articulate joints such as a mechanical knee.

Twin springs for medical device applications

Twin springs are a typical solution for motor brushes, maximizing life in minimal space while ensuring a consistent and dependable force.

They are utilized in small motors to provide a consistent force on the carbon brush, but the predominant use in the medical device arena is in surgical staplers. The compact but forceful springs are used to drive staples in many one-time use staplers.

Wire and strip forms and torsion springs

Wire and strip forms and torsion springs are developed with unique designs in critical applications, formed in virtually any shape to meet exacting performance needs.

Torsion springs are often used in the trigger mechanisms in many laparoscopic devices and compression springs are used in drug delivery, as well as glucose monitoring chips and patch applicators.

Wire and strip forms are unique to the application but can be produced with a variety of materials, including nitinol and various grades of stainless steel.

Mechanical reels for medical devices

Mechanical reels provide reliable power for applications such as counterbalancing and returning or retrieving in applications that require long deflection.

They are ideal for counterbalancing low weight requirements in medical equipment, as well as securing tools and devices to a cart. They can also be used for linear assist on MRI tables to aide with the movement of the bed.

Spring and wire solutions for medical devices

Our products are available for use in a variety of applications, including:

  • Virus testing equipment
  • Surgical staplers
  • MRI and X-ray machines
  • Laparoscopic devices
  • Surgical robots
  • Drug infusers and delivery systems
  • Table and bed lift mechanisms

Solving the demands of the medical device

Vulcan’s products are supported by more than 50 years of experience and are produced with the necessary precision for optimal performance to meet challenging design requirements. In small spaces, they can provide strong force or torque output, either as a custom or stock part.

We also understand how important “timing” is to our clients. By utilizing in-house 3D printing and our state-of-the-art tooling department, we can shorten the timeline to medium- and high-volume production, all backed by rigorous testing protocols, as well as a diverse, dependable, and stable supply chain.

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