WLR Prototype Engineers aren’t just prototype engineers; we are more than happy to handle any type of CNC precision machining, from a one-off to production runs in a huge variety of materials, from engineering plastics to austenitic stainless or titanium alloys.

We were established in 1969 and provide sub-contract CNC machining services to a variety of industry sectors with an excellent record of customer retention. Our reputation for quality and reliability has enabled us to steadily grow and secure new customers, and in 2009 we celebrated 40 years of successful business.

CNC lathes, CNC machining centres and CNC inspection equipment

Over the years the company has constantly reinvested in technology and has a large complement of CNC lathes, CNC machining centres, CNC inspection equipment and ancillary equipment.

Like all good companies we recognise that a business is only as good as its people and to that end we continually invest in employee training to ensure that we can offer the best possible service to our customers.

Micro-drilling down to 0.2mm diameter with 100% inspection on our Mitutoyo Quick Vision machines.
Precision machining of critical parts to exacting tolerances.
This part has been assembled using liquid nitrogen for a sealed fit.

WLR is more than happy to outsource any processes or treatments to complete your work, enabling you to place one purchase order for your finished parts.

WLR Prototype Engineers is an ISO 9001:2008-approved company, and we are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

CAD / CAM for CNC machines

For the manufacture of components we have state-of-the-art software for 3D modelling as well as CAM software for programming our extensive range of CNC machines straight from a 3D model if necessary. We also have all our machines connected on a network with DNC software for fast and efficient management of machine program files, ensuring consistent results on repeat jobs.

CNC turning machines / CNC lathes

Our CNC turning machines and CNC lathes include:

  • Haas TL2
  • Haas TL15 – bar feed, sub-spindle, live tooling and C-axis
  • Haas SL10
  • Haas SL20
  • Haas SL30 – three machines

Spindle-probe CNC milling / CNC machining centres

All of the CNC milling / CNC machining centres listed below are fitted with Renishaw OMP40 spindle-probe systems for in-process inspection and laser tool setting systems.

  • Haas Mini Mill – fourth axis
  • Haas Super Mini Mill – 10,000rpm and fourth axis
  • Haas Super Mini Mill – 15,000rpm and fourth axis
  • Haas VF0-E – 7,500rpm and fourth axis
  • Haas VF2 – 10,000rpm and fourth axis
  • Haas VF3 – 7,500rpm and fourth axis
  • Haas VM3 – 12,000rpm, fourth and fifth axis
  • Haas Super Speed VF4 – 12,000rpm, fourth and fifth axis
  • Haas MDC500 – 12,000rpm, fourth axis and twin pallet M/C

CNC machining inspection equipment

As well as a large range of Bowers bore gauges, digital micrometers, pin gauges, etc. we have the following capital equipment for inspection of CNC machines:

  • Niton XL3T 800 – alloy analyser (all our raw materials are checked on delivery )
  • Mitutoyo Euro-C-A544 – CNC coordinate measuring machine
  • Mitutoyo Apex-C-7106 – CNC coordinate measuring machine
  • Mitutoyo Quick Vision Pro 202
  • Mitutoyo Quick Vision Pro 404
  • Hommel Opticline Contour 410 – non-contact profile measurement
  • Hommel Opticline Contour 514 – non-contact profile measurement
  • CV Instruments profile projector – the INH30A provides high-quality horizontal profile

Ancillary CNC precision machining equipment

We have a fully equipped assembly department including presses, etc. We have vibratory rumble deburring machines, a lapping machine and polishing equipment. We can perform glass-bead blasting, tig and stick welding, and laser marking.

Jobshop management software

All our enquiries are handled from start to finish through our totally integrated manufacturing software, Jobshop. An estimate and quotation is accurately calculated within Jobshop and the story begins. On receiving an order the quotation can be confirmed and the job is tracked all the way through to delivery with all materials having total traceability. We even know which employee has been working on each operation; this information is provided by shop-floor data capture, ensuring quality and accountability right the way through the process within an ISO 9001:2008 management system.