cab Technology manufactures industrial thermal label printers, print and apply systems, accessories, label dispensers, and design software used in the production of medical devices.

Based in Germany, the company sets technological benchmarks in the development and manufacturing of its systems, which are designed to address the labelling needs and requirements of the medical device sector.

cab Technology’s product line is based on precision and accuracy, which are key components of the company’s success.

Barcode thermal printers for producing small labels in the medical device market

cab Technology manufactures a complete line of products, from small desktop to two-colour industrial thermal printers. The company is known for its innovation, using the latest technologies, and offering a streamlined design and engineering concept.

EOS 1 is a hybrid desktop label printer, with tabletop barcode printer capabilities, that offers a touchscreen display with USB and ethernet connections.
EOS 4 is an entry-level tabletop thermal label printer, which offers a touchscreen display, with USB and ethernet connections.
Hermes+ is an industrial thermal print and apply system, which is available in 2 inch / 4 inch / 6 inch widths, 200dpi / 300dpi / 600dpi display, and offers more than 14 different applicators.
Mach 4 is a light industrial thermal label printer available in 4 inch width, 200dpi / 300dpi / 600dpi display, and offers optional cutter and dispense modules.
XC Series is a two-color thermal label printer utilized for GHS labelling of hazardous materials.
Hermes C is an innovative two-color print and apply system, which is designed to comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) mandate for the marking of hazardous materials.
Mach 1 is a 4 inch wide desktop thermal label printer that features control buttons and a light-emitting diode (LED) display available in 200dpi and 300dpi.
Mach 2 is a 4 inch wide desktop thermal barcode label printer, which features full-color display, with navigation pad available in 200dpi and 300dpi.
SQUIX is a powerful industrial thermal printer, which features a full-color touch display in 200dpi/300dpi/600dpi, 2 inch / 4 inch / 6 inch widths, and a complete complement of accessories.
HS/VS is a versatile label dispenser series, which offers multiple widths, functions, and modes of operation.

For the medical device market, cab Technology offers the printing of labels as small as 4mm by 4mm. Its barcode thermal printers feature additional ports for needed peripherals to streamline client barcode label applications.

cab Technology also manufactures a complete line of thermal printer accessories, offering products such as cutters, perf/cutters, cutter/stackers, rewinders, label applicators, and present sensors to aid client’s with thermal label applications.

Desktop, tabletop, and industrial barcode printers with full-colour touch display

Cab Technology is innovative with its thermal barcode printer designs, which feature a full-colour touch display, printhead interchangeability, a broad range of standard interfaces, and a web interface.

The Mach 1/2 desktop printer is available with and without a full-colour display, with 4 inch width and either 200dpi or 300dpi.

The EOS 1/4 entry-level tabletop series is designed for small to medium volume printing. Available in 4 inch and 200dpi / 300dpi, it also features a touchscreen display.

SQUIX is cab Technology’s next generation of industrial thermal printers designed to meet the toughest of standards. It features a full-colour touch display, with 200dpi / 300dpi / 600dpi and 2 inch / 4 inch / 6 inch width options.

The XC Series is a two-colour thermal printer used for Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) labelling for hazardous materials.

Print and apply systems for medical device label applications

cab Technology offers a complete solution for print and apply applications. The company manufactures a state-of-the-art series of print engines, which work harmoniously with an extensive line of label applicators.

The firm takes pride in delivering robust, compact, and precise label application equipment for medical devices. cab Technology’s precision and accuracy are reasons for its success.

As devices reduce in size, label placement and printing accuracy is critical for the success of the label application. cab Technology’s Hermes+ printer applicators are available with a wide range of features, including popular interfaces, and input/output (I/O) capabilities, with 200dpi / 300dpi / 600dpi and 2 inch / 4 inch / 6 inch width options.

The Hermes+ can be utilized with more than 14 different applicators, which differ in form and function designed to meet label application needs.

Thermal printers for label dispenser lines

cab Technology has capitalized on its expertise in the design and manufacturing of thermal printers to engineer a versatile and dynamic label dispenser product line.

Multiple widths, counters, variable speeds, and presentation orientation are just a few innovations the company has brought to this product range.

In-house labelling software for print control and monitoring

Cablabel S3 barcode labelling software was designed in-house at cab Technology to take full advantage of all the capabilities that cab thermal printers had to offer. S3 software concentrates label design, print control, and monitoring for all cab thermal printers.

The company offers Cablabel S3 barcode labelling software in Lite, Print Only, Pro, and Network versions.

About cab Technology

cab Technology is a thermal printer manufacturer headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. With subsidiaries in France, the US, Asia, South Africa, and Mexico, the company’s products are available across six continents and sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

cab Technology is an independent family operated company and its production facility is ISO:14001 certified. The company continues to reach for technological milestones and aims to continuously expand its worldwide leading position when it comes to innovation. cab Technology focuses on identifying and implementing groundbreaking trends and developments.