Top-loading parenteral and secondary packaging specialist Dividella’s industry NeoTRAY fully automatic cartoner for high-speed parenteral packaging has been honoured for Excellent Product Design in the 2020 German Design Awards.

The award was announced today by the German Design Council and will be presented at a ceremony on the evening of Day One of the Ambiente 2020 Innovations fair in Frankfurt on 7 February 2020.

Leading-edge functional design

The eminent judging panel of industrial designers commended NeoTRAY for its clean and effective design, advancing Dividella’s brand values, commenting: “The modern high-tech packaging machine combines precision, quality and ease of use with high speed, which conveys the clear, functional design very well.”

Ergonomic features

Dividella’s latest NeoTRAY made its debut at the ACHEMA trade fair in June 2018.

It incorporates an exceptionally clean and uncluttered modular form, as well as advanced ergonomic design features such as its distinctive ‘Blue Line’ LED strips next to emergency Stop button that changes to red when errors are detected.

Its modular design allows for a broad range of applications for high volumes. It is particularly suitable for packaging parenteral administration forms including vials, syringes, injectors, pens, ampoules and cartridges, as well as inhalers, nasal sprays and other applications.

Best of both worlds

NeoTRAY It breaks new ground in combining high-speed side loading (up to 400 individual products or multipacks per minute) and sensitive top-loading capabilities in one cartoning system.

It combines Dividella’s emphasis on modular design and engineering as well as 40-years’ worth of experience in parenteral product handling with the same emphasis on monomaterial (cardboard) packaging as with Dividella’s other NeoTOP cartoners / packaging lines.

NeoTRAY is configured to handle a very wide range of parenteral products and package formats ranging in size from 65x35x15 mm to 200x150x 110 mm. Its abilities to handle 100% monomaterial pack formats allow it to deliver more adaptable, cost-efficient and sustainable packaging solutions with recognized production and environmental advantages in reducing weight, volume, material complexity and use of plastics.

NeoTRAY is also future-proofed in offering integrated solutions for tamper-evident and child-resistant packaging as well as Serialization functionality.

About NeoTRAY

NeoTRAY combines the best of both top-loading and side-loading cartoning technologies in one machine. With patented top-loading technology, the products are gently placed into the open trays from above. Fast side-loading can manage large volumes of a wide variety of parenterals.

NeoTRAY is designed to use 100 per cent monomaterials for more efficient and cost-saving packaging of the highest quality.

The NeoTRAY system comprises three principal modules:

  • Tray Forming Module: This section feeds and forms trays from pre-glued die-cut blanks, with magazines positioned for high visibility and ease of access.
  • Top Loading Module: Dividella’s state of the art infeeding systems top-load the products in a continuous motion into the erected trays. In addition, other inline operations including checking machine-readable codes on the packaging, verifying the trays’ contents, and loading of leaflets and/or booklets are performed.
  • Side Loading Module: After inserting of all products, the erected and filled trays arrive via the product conveyor at the sideloading Module where the tray is inserted into the carton. Additionally, cartons can be closed in a variety of ways, including hot melt, various styles of tuck-in flaps, and tamper evidence features.

The NeoTRAY features GMP compliant construction and is capable of producing packages that conform to Directive 2011 / 62 / EU.

About German Design Award

The German Design Award is organised by the German Design Council, one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the field of design. The Council was established in 1953 as an initiative of the Bundestag German parliament to represent new developments in the German design industry.

Since then, its annual award has celebrated achievements in generating added brand value through design.

The German Design Award grants prizes to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the European design landscape, as selected by an eminent international jury. The award also aims to identify and celebrate unique design trends that advance the state of the art.

German Design Awards 2020 winners were published on 22 November 2019, to be celebrated at the awards ceremony held on 7 February 2020, as part of the Ambiente 2020 Innovations and Design Fair at Messe Frankfurt.