In less than 30 years Früh has become a leading company in the field of flexible packaging solutions and contract packaging of medical devices.

Medical device engineering, production and packaging

Früh is the only manufacturer in Europe to combine film converting, pouch production, blister and tray manufacturing, as well as contract packaging under one roof. That means: concentrated know-how, flexibility and the assurance that you will always get the best possible solution.

Our infrastructure is state-of-the art. The production installations are in two completely independent buildings, with separate supply systems. That means, if the worst comes to the worst, production can continue uninterrupted.

Contract packaging services

Our contract packaging services (cleanroom ISO class 7) include the following:

Früh is a leader in the field of flexible packaging solutions and contract packaging of medical devices.
Our contract packaging services are available as a full package or customers can just choose the parts they need.
Our services also include the assembling of medical devices.
Früh produces blisters for contract medical packaging.
Our laboratory offers validation and testing services for medical packaging.
  • Door-to-door services
  • Identity control and final rinsing
  • Label layout and label printing
  • Assembly of medical technology parts
  • Contract packaging
  • Sterilisation (in-house: steam and plasma; gamma and EtO: subcontracted)
  • Boxing and labelling
  • Shipment
  • Validation

Our customers are free to choose the entire package or just parts of it.

Medical pouch production

Since the launch of peelable pouches for the packaging of medical implants almost 30 years ago, Früh has always improved the quality and functionality of its pouches.

Our peelable pouches are used at multinational companies as well as start-up companies. The pouches have undergone a very broad testing, including bio-compatibility testing and shelf life studies. The production process is fully validated.

We produce pouches in a cleanroom ISO class 7. The pouches are made out of the following materials:

  • OPA / PE peel (transparent)
  • OPA (SiOx) / PE peel (transparent with oxygen barrier)
  • OPA / ALU / PE peel (complete barrier against oxygen, humidity and light)

Medical blister production

Früh produces its own blisters for its contract packaging services, but the number of clients buying blisters from us is also continuously growing.

We produce blisters in a cleanroom ISO class 7. We can provide blisters made of PETG and PET GAG, and for moisture or oxygen-sensitive products we use special barrier materials such as PP, Barex or COC.

Customised medical implant packaging

Every packaging project is different – not least in the case of blister packs. Depending on the articles to be packaged, it is important to choose the right material, form, colour and functionality.

We have the expertise to provide the full service around the entire process that is needed to pack your implant in the best way.

Validation and testing services for medical packaging

Our laboratory uses validated testing methods and can conduct individual tests such as dye penetration, seal strength, bubble emission and burst test, in order to support you on your PQ.

On the other hand, we offer you the full validation concept which includes:

  • Hygiene validation
  • Sterility validation (for gamma, plasma, steam or EtO)
  • Transport simulation (ISTA)
  • Shelf life validation according to ISO 11607

About Früh Verpackungstechnik

Früh Verpackungstechnik was founded in 1980 by Albert Früh with the goal of offering customised and effective packaging solutions to a demanding clientele.

After a smooth and successful transition to the next generation the company is now managed by Hans-Peter Früh, Peter Koemeter and Thomas Good. With its move to the new, state-of-the-art premises in Fehraltorf, Switzerland, Früh Verpackungstechnik has created the framework for an even more successful future. Früh Verpackungstechnik today has about 300 employees.