SoSafe is the Ideal Packaging Configuration by Operating Room Nurses at UNAIBODE Exhibition

In order to gather operating room nurses (IBODE) and ensure training, UNAIBODE set up the National Days of Study and Development (JNEP).

These days allow nurses to meet, exchange or learn surgical techniques.

During the May 2014 edition, which was held in Dijon, Selenium Medical met 200 IBODE and surgeons.

Through this meeting, the objectives for Selenium Medical were to introduce SoTube packaging and its various configurations.

After the exhibition, IBODE said they preferred the SoSafe configuration. In addition, the NoTouch configuration was considered an ‘ideal method’ for its sterility assurance.

SoTube and SoSafe got a score of 9.2/10 based on a survey of 160 people at the UNAIBODE 2014 exhibition, which included criteria such as ease of opening and speed of transferring.

Results reinforce Selenium Medical’s aim to provide innovative sterile packaging in operating rooms.

The patented packaging of SoTube/SoSafe, which is CE Marked and approved by US Food and Drug Administration, offer a solution for aseptic and secure transfer of medical devices in the operating room.

Two plastic tubes of a biocompatible material, phthalate or latex-free, are nested one inside the other, providing a 100% no touch application.

The device is an alternative to traditional pouches and blisters. Dual tubes are less bulky than traditional packaging and provides unique visibility of the implant due to its transparent material.

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