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Rollstock and Preformed Sterile Barrier Systems

Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken (VP) manufactures rollstock and preformed sterile barrier systems for medical device manufacturers and healthcare facilities. Products include sterilisation packaging systems, four-side-seal packaging and chemical indicators.

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Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken (VP) has manufactured sterilisation packaging systems and chemical indicators for medical device manufacturers and healthcare facilities since 1974 under the brand name stericlin®. Packaging solutions include direct seal papers, coated papers and film for form-fill-seal applications and four-side-seal packs, as well as pouches, headerbags and lids for manual packaging.

Our services include packaging design and validation, conformance assessment and training. Of course all products and processes are in compliance with ISO 11607 and the EN 868 standards series.

Customised sterilisation packaging systems

Customised sterilisation packaging systems are manufactured to individual specifications. An extensive range of stericlin system packaging pouches and rolls is available from stock.

Four-side-seal packaging

Four-side-seal (4SS) packaging is used when thin products are packaged in a sterile barrier system. This type of packaging is especially suitable for thin products, such as plasters, dressings for wound care, minimally invasive tubes or suture materials in the area of medical devices, as well as collagen bandages.

VP uses state-of-the-art equipment for the manufacture of sterile barrier systems.<br><br><br><br>
Four-side-seal packaging with pressure-sensitive coating; i.e. cold-seal coating.<br><br><br><br>
FFS packaging using semi-rigid film and grid-coated paper.<br><br><br><br>
Headerbags for voluminous products and set packing.<br><br><br><br>
Individual pack made from a Tyvek see-through reel.

Individual requirements determine the selection of the materials, such as coated and uncoated papers, Tyvek®, or laminates and films. Pressure-sensitive coatings allow high-speed machine processing. All types of cost-effective heat-seal coating are available.

VP offers a large variety of standardised materials that conform to the relevant norms, are adapted optimally to the needs and uses of medical 4SS packaging, and are optimised for the product, the type of machine processing and the opening characteristics.

Form-fill-seal thermoforming packaging

Form-fill-seal (FFS) thermoforming packaging is used when thicker products are packaged, such as wound bandages, medical devices or even entire set packs.

VP offers a large variety of FFS materials (i.e. flexible and semi-rigid films in combination with direct seal papers, Tyvek and coated papers) in order to meet individual requirements for machine processing and opening characteristics.

Headerbags, pouches and lids for manual packaging

Used primarily for small batches, these sterile barrier systems offer extensive flexibility with a wide range of materials for almost all commonly used sterilisation methods. These sterile barrier systems are available as three-side sealed pouches with permeable materials and film or high barrier packaging with aluminium laminates.

Lids for rigid blister packaging provide sterile barrier and perfect protection for all kinds of medical devices.

High-strength headerbags are designed for the packaging of sets, procedure kits and other voluminous and bulky products. Headerbags are available as standardised stock quality or in customised versions.

Sterilisation packaging systems and chemical indicators

A wide range of standardised pouches and reels, wrapping materials and paper bags offers packaging solutions from stock for nearly all applications. Excellent barrier properties and opening characteristics are achieved from high-grade materials and validated manufacturing processes. These sterilisation packaging systems are available with the shortest lead time and in small quantities.

A wide range of chemical indicators is available for validation and routine monitoring of sterilisation processes. Bowie & Dick test packs and batch monitoring systems are available for steam sterilisation.

High-quality and safe sterilisation packaging products

All sterilisation packaging products display complete standards-compliant coding and clearly printed colours and indicators. Excellent barrier properties are a consequence of carefully selected materials and continuous quality assurance.

The entire manufacturing process is a multi-shift operation under clean room conditions (class 8 in accordance with ISO 14644-1 and ISO 14644-3). A highly qualified workforce and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee consistently high manufacturing quality made in Germany. Manufacturing processes and materials are in accordance with ISO 11607:2006 and EN 868:2009.

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of the DuPont company.

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  • Medical Headerbags Available from Stock

    Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken headerbags are now available in a range of seven sizes from stock. They are the ideal solution for smaller demands or short-term supplies. The headerbags are made from LLDPE 100µm and all-over coated Tyvek 1073B and are imprinted with ETO indicator a

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