MEDTEC Ireland will span October 9-10 in Galway, the sixth-largest city in Ireland and a thriving port of international trade since the Middle Ages. Though a popular tourism destination, Galway also has a strong manufacturing base that employs nearly one in five workers. Many of those workers are employed with firms that manufacture medical devices, electronics, information and communications technology and other high-tech products.

"Galway has a remarkable past, a vibrant future and a very promising future. It’s truly a microcosm of Ireland, which has become very fertile ground for technology, and that’s what makes this event so interesting and important for us," said Accumold marketing director Aaron Johnson. "Accumold is a global leader in innovation and manufacturing so Galway is a great place for us to be when MEDTEC Ireland opens its doors."

Since its inception in 1985, Accumold’s mission has been the production of super-micro, ultra-precision, plastic injection-molded parts. Parts manufactured by the firm are critical components of the medical, automotive, military, aerospace and telecommunications industries. They can be found in micro-electronics, cell phones, telecommunications, surgical tools, hearing aids, medical devices, antennas, connectors and more. To produce those parts, Accumold builds specialised molding machines engineered to handle volumes from prototypes to millions per year while maintaining consistent, precise tolerances that are unique in the industry.