The forthcoming High Precision Manufacturing Expo is a prestigious opportunity for Accumold’s marketing team to showcase the latest US micro-molding developments in with potential clients from the Europe and beyond.

Hosting this year’s expo for the world’s micro-manufacturers, Micro Nano Mems is partnering with Interplas and the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for industries relying on small and ultra-precision part technology. The event will take place from 30 September to 1 October.

"Last year’s exhibition was hailed as a major success by visitors and exhibitors alike. The show proved to be a busy and vibrant event which enabled exhibitors to discuss new projects and innovations on their stands, generate useful leads and in many cases take orders at the show," said event organizer Pippa Dugmore.

Along with many exhibits and demonstrations, this year’s event will attract thousands of companies that rely on precision-parts makers.

This event will include live exhibits, live demonstrations, and free educational seminars that cover the whole spectrum of procession technology, from laser micromachining and micro injection molding to MEMS fabrication, assembly, inspection and test equipment.

"The theme of this year’s expo is ‘knowledge, innovation, solutions.’ Those three words describe Accumold to a T," said Accumold vice-president of marketing Aaron Johnson. "We’re always thrilled when we can make that connection to a broader audience, especially with the demand we’re seeing in the EU for our capabilities."