Over five years, Accumold has perfected the micro molded thin-wall cannula, especially when it comes to high-volume production. This moves the medtech from the more costly and less efficient extrusion process. We’re proud of what we have accomplished.

The possibly to manufacture custom a medical micro molded cannula is a major step as medical device Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) demand smaller, more precise devices. It also supports minimally invasive procedures.

Micro molded thin-wall cannula

Our micro molded thin-wall cannula manufacturing process is pivotal for medical companies creating technology to support laparoscopic surgeries, endoscopy, and catheter insertions, minimizing patient discomfort, and optimizing medical procedures. Our approach also facilitates less invasive procedures, reducing tissue disruption, pain, recovery time, and complication risks.

The thin-wall cannula also has applications in neurosurgery and cardiovascular interventions. The design allows for intricate maneuverability, accessing challenging anatomical structures.

As medical technologies advance towards miniaturization and minimally invasive techniques, a micro molded thin-wall cannula becomes essential, advancing modern medical procedures.

Traditional cannula production

Traditional medical cannula production, involves extrusion, tipping, and gluing. This presents limitations like material inconsistency, wall thickness irregularities, and increases the probability of defects, hindering efficiency and quality. Extrusion-dependent medical cannulas are also labor-intensive, time-consuming, and pose a challenge in high-volume production demands.

In contrast, a micro molded thin-wall cannula provides a streamlined approach, creating consistent cannula designs with precise wall thickness control in a single mold, eliminating separate extrusion, tipping, and gluing steps. This not only improves cannula quality and reliability but also offers a more scalable, cost-effective solution for high-volume production, meeting the medical industry’s evolving demands​.

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