MD&M East is the east coast’s leading medical technology event, held yearly at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City and is organised by Informa Markets, drawing thousands of the med-tech industries most esteemed leaders, providing collaboration, growth and educational opportunities.

Why MD&M East?

Medical technology is rapidly becoming smaller and lighter, meaning electronics packages have no room to spare. Part tolerances are tight and there is no room for error. Accumold is the worlds largest niche microscopic injection moulding (micro-moulding) company and we make it our top priority to attend MD&M East every year, lending our expertise to the med-tech industry.

Another reason we attend MD&M East is to alleviate the fears of OEM designers and engineers. A challenge they face is the struggle to find partners that can make their designs a reality. One reason their ambitious projects fail is that they weren’t aware of our expertise, not thinking their part tolerances or complexity was possible. Lending our expertise to MD&M East attendees ensures engineers that they have a partner for their challenging projects.

Who Is Accumold In The World of Med-Tech Manufacturing?

Accumold is a recognised world leader in not just medical technology micro-moulding but also optics, emerging tech and microelectronics micro-moulding. We work with the largest and most respected companies and component designers, engineers and OEMs in the world.

Many awards and design breakthroughs you’ve read about could be due to our expertise and DFM engineer insight. You’ll never figure out who those clients are or what projects we helped on because we have an in-house team dedicated to keeping our client’s intellectual property safe.

Curious to know more about MD&M East? Please fill out the enquiry form attached to this page. Acumold also makes the annual trek to MD&M West as well.