Covestro AG is a leading supplier of premium polymers. The company manufactures precursors for polyurethane foams, plastic polycarbonate and precursors for coatings, sealants, adhesives, and specialty products, including films. Covestro classifies its operations into two segments; Performance Materials, and Solutions & Specialties. Its Performance Materials segment comprises standard polycarbonates, standard urethane components and base chemicals businesses, and its Solutions & Specialties segment consists of six business entities, engineering plastics, coatings and adhesives, tailored urethanes, thermoplastic polyurethanes, specialty films and elastomers. The company focuses on improving products, technologies and expanding its applications to play an active role in dealing with climate change, fast-paced urbanization, and emerging transportation forms. These efforts lead to Covestro developing light, durable and eco-friendly materials, which improve energy efficiency and shelf life of food through the use of advanced insulating materials and the development of lightweight automobile frames that improve vehicle efficiency.