The Lubrizol Corporation (Lubrizol) is a specialty chemical company that offers additives and advanced materials for consumer, industrial and transportation sectors. The company operates through two major segments, Lubrizol Additives and Lubrizol Advanced Materials. Its Additives segment works closely with customers, addressing vehicle requirements, including improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and enhancing engine reliability and durability for internal combustion engine and electric/hybrid vehicles. Similarly, in industrial applications, Lubrizol additives promote efficiency, reliability, and durability of equipment’s performance. Lubrizol Advanced Materials segment focuses on enhancing the performance of materials and enhancing the major performance attributes in vital sectors such as medical, consumer, healthcare, and home care. The company creates materials that find use in various wellness-related applications including sustainable materials for activewear and athletic shoes, and chemistry employed in easy-to-install plumbing systems that provide safe drinking water worldwide.