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Diener Precision Pumps

Magnetically Coupled Gear Pumps, Piston Pumps and Miniature Valves

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Diener Precision Pumps designs, develops and manufactures high-quality magnetically-coupled gear pumps, piston pumps and miniature valves. Our pumps and valves are manufactured to exacting specifications for use in a wide range of medical, industrial, and food and beverage applications.

Magnetically coupled gear pumps

In a gear pump, two gears rotate and fluid fills the gear teeth as they rotate. This allows smooth (near pulse-less) operation and relatively high differential pressures. Diener produces a wide range of magnetically coupled gear pumps, both with and without electric motors / controls. They are split into four product families:

  • Mini series
  • Optima series
  • Extreme series
  • Silencer series

Compact gear pumps

Mini series compact gear pumps are for applications requiring accurate flow in a very small package size. The gears rotate on a fixed shaft, saving valuable space. In addition, the magnetic coupling has been miniaturised to further reduce the overall length without sacrificing high-pressure performance. The inlet and outlet port locations can be located on the side, top, or end of the pump, and are available in a variety of sizes.

Economical gear pumps

Optima series economical gear pumps are designed for applications requiring accurate flow in a very small package size. The wetted materials and gear construction are the same as those of Diener’s larger models, but by removing one of the shaft bearings the overall length is much shorter. In addition, the magnetic coupling has been miniaturised to further reduce the overall length without sacrificing high-pressure performance.

Heavy-duty gear pumps

Extreme series heavy-duty gear pumps contain more bearings for higher load-carrying capacity, resulting in long life at relatively high pressures. The innovative body forging allows a wide range of inlet/outlet port locations, simplifying the plumbing and conserving valuable space. The conventional magnetic coupling strength can be varied to meet your pressure limits, and an optional internal pressure relief valve provides additional over-pressurisation protection.

Low-cost gear pumps

Silencer series low-cost gear pumps are simple, leak-free, chemically inert, reliable, and economical. The manifold mounting simplifies the plumbing, further reducing the installed cost in your system. A magnetic coupling ensures the pump will never leak and wetted materials are chosen to withstand a wide range of aggressive chemicals. The enhanced gears and shaft bearings have been optimised to ensure a long, trouble-free life and very low power consumption.

Ceramic piston pumps

Diener ceramic piston pumps reciprocate and move axially, resulting in a valve-less and very precise piston stroke. The advantages of such a pump include simplicity, accuracy, precision and compact size. The stroke displacement can be adjusted by altering the angle between the motor shaft and the piston.

Precision series ceramic piston pumps were developed specifically for applications requiring a very exact flow at a fast dispense rate. The piston geometry isolates the outlet and inlets without the need for internal check valves, simplifying the construction and reducing flow restriction. The pumps are typically provided in a ‘fixed’ position to deliver a set flow-per-stroke. An adjustable mounting frame is optional, allowing the pump displacement to be altered in the field and then locked in position.

Solenoid valves

Diener’s solenoid valve series is designed specifically for medical and food / beverage applications. The wetted materials are biocompatible with a wide range of fluids and the small dead volume is easily cleaned-in-place. A wide array of tube fitting options and simple mounting flanges make the valves easy to install. The plunger is isolated from the fluid with a PTFE bellows and is available in the normally closed (NC) configuration.

Hermetically sealed small valves

The patent-pending, hermetically sealed, OSCAR valve (OSCAR = Optimised Small Cold Advanced features Resistant) is a new concept in small valve design. A miniature solenoid system pushes or pulls an activator plate (a very small encapsulated magnet) to either side of the valve body. Magnets in the valve body hold the plate in position without the need for power from the solenoid. Since the solenoid is only activated for milliseconds, there is no heat build-up in the valve and thus no heat transfer to the fluid. Power is only consumed during switching, which makes the valve ideal for battery-operated systems.

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