GRI is excited to introduce to its current lines of Compact Bellows Metering Pumps and Mini Bellows Metering Pumps, a Bleach Compatible Bellows Pump™ (BCBP). Engineered to withstand the corrosive and destructive nature of bleach, the Bleach Compatible Bellows Pump, as its name suggests, will allow the pumping of bleach utilising GRI’s time-proven bellows and valving technology.

GRI’s Compact Bellows Metering Pumps were specifically designed for metering applications requiring low discharge pressures. Compact pumps have been successfully applied in photo, X-ray and dental film processors, silver recovery and scientific and analytical instruments. This pump now offers even more flexibility in the medical industry with GRI’s bleach compatible version.

Bleach Compatible Mini Bellows Metering Pumps are ideal for low-flow, low-pressure metering applications. The pump is constructed entirely of plastic and provides an accurate, chemically-resistant metering pump with a long life, at an economical price. Now, because of GRI’s bleach compatible technology, the Mini Bellows Metering Pump offers a wider range of use in the medical industry.

To learn more about our Bleach Compatible Bellows Pump and to find out how GRI can provide a custom-engineered pumping solution for your medical application, visit our website or call +1 419 886 3001 in the US or +45 70 21 2100 in Europe.