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Adder Technology

High-Performance IP KVM Technologies for the Medical Device Industry

Unit 5,
Bar Hill Business Park,
Saxon Way,
CB23 8SL United Kingdom

Unit 5,
Bar Hill Business Park,
Saxon Way,
CB23 8SL United Kingdom

Adder Technology designs and manufactures high-performance IP keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solutions that improve collaboration and efficiency, optimise uptime and improve security and safety in high-pressure medical environments.

The company’s solutions effectively manage data and information in the healthcare, medical imaging and pharmaceutical industries, as well as enable specialised expertise and collaboration between administrators, clinicians and technicians.

IP KVM solutions to improve efficiency and collaboration in the medical device sector

Operating theatres and hospital wards are not always appropriate spaces to store critical computing resources. However, medical staff must be able to access patient records and scan results for administrative and diagnosis purposes, often in real-time and without any degradation of quality.

Adder’s IP KVM solutions allow medical data stored on multiple computers to be easily and simultaneously accessed from different locations around a hospital ward, surgery or medical campus.

IP KVM matrix solutions to maximise ROI and uptime

The implementation of high-performance IP KVM allows medical organisations to streamline their facilities by enabling networks to digitally interconnect with a single imaging station, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

During a medical procedure, the reliability and resiliency of technology is paramount. Adder’s range of IP KVM matrix solutions reduces downtime by offering full redundancy and synchronised control while data backup ensures instant failover if any machine in the network should be compromised.

High-performance IP KVM technologies to improve ergonomics in the medical industry

In a medical environment, space is often at a premium and the areas must often be kept sterile to avoid the spread of infection. High-performance IP KVM optimises the layout and conditions of these high-pressure areas by allowing computers to be moved to an external purpose-built server room.

This allows for complete focus on the patient without interruption from noisy or heat-generating computers or technical issues caused by potential interference with other devices.

Through the use of a single keyboard, video and mouse, operatives can obtain real-time, clear access to the information they need to diagnose or treat a patient.

Patient data security and safety in medical outlets

The security and safety of patients and their data is critical in hospitals and medical outlets. Storing patient data on file requires the highest levels of network security to ensure it does not end up in the wrong hands.

High-performance IP KVM allows the confidential patient data kept in electronic medical records to be shared within a secure network of users with relevant access rights, minimising a potential internal or external data breach.

About Adder

Adder was established by Adrian Dickens, an engineering graduate of University of Cambridge, UK, in 1984. With more than 30 years of experience, the company’s solutions are recognised for their reliable performance, robust manufacture and technical excellence.

Adder develops a range of innovative extenders, IP solutions and KVM switches to enable the reliable control of local, isolated and universal IT systems.

Matrix – High Performance IP KVM

KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch technology was first introduced to the market in the 1990s as a method of controlling multiple computers with a single keyboard, video and mouse.

Adder Brings The Modern Control Room to ISE 2020

With the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices driving more information into control room atmospheres, users must ensure they have the correct technology in place to facilitate this development.

Adder Begins 2020 with Multi-Million Dollar International Expansion

Adder Technology, an expert in connectivity solutions and high-performance IP KVM, has announced the results of a multi-million dollar international investment strategy with the completion of substantial expansion and refurbishment of its global headquarters in Cambridge, UK, as well as new offices in America and Europe and round-the-clock Professional Services offering.

Adder Technology Ltd.

Unit 5

Bar Hill Business Park

Saxon Way


CB23 8SL

United Kingdom