Reduce fat and grease significantly – Automated and intelligent purification of exhaust air.

JIMCO’s Kitchen Pollution Control System (KPC) is the only system in the world with an Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), and the system has been used for commercial kitchen for over 20 years.

The KPC system will effectively remove the odor from the air and break down the grease and oil in the exhaust air. The documented odor reduction will allow restaurants to look for premium location in odor sensitive areas. With a properly dimensioned system you can exhaust air in parking cellar, directly on street level or on to the balcony of your neighbor. ​

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JIMCO is constantly developing on the commercial Kitchen Pollution Control unit for air cleaning to meet the demands on the market.

​JIMCO offers a wide range of different systems that meets different standards, so whether you want a UL recognized system or a system that meet EN16282-8 or you want a touch screen or a simple plug n’ play solution then JIMCO can provide your solution.


Minimize the risk of fire by reducing fat, grease and oil in your exhaust air. Fire risk is easily reduced with 95% by keeping your ventilation ducts clean

“JIMCO has certified partners all over the world and operates in all five continents. We believe that all restaurants can benefit from our commercial kitchen pollution control unit, and we have made it our quest to help restaurants all over the globe.”

– Jimmy K. Larsen, founder and CEO of JIMCO

The advantages of using a JIMCO Commercial Kitchen Pollution Control unit:

  • Tested and dependable equipment
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • No use of microbiology or deodorizing oils
  • No use of filters, e.g. active carbon or catalysts
  • Option: heat re-use
  • No residues or liquid substances
  • Eliminates the need to regularly clean the hood and the kitchen exhaust ductwork
  • Maximum exhaust due to clean ductwork
  • Compact installation needs only limited space
  • Immediate on/off function
  • Pressure differential guards for fan failure
  • Competitive installation costs


Hotel Odeon has been built to the same extent as urban development in Odense, which aims to be more environmentally friendly. For this purpose, a 4 lane road that went through the city has been closed and the result of this can already be seen today with Hotel Odeon and its 234 rooms in the heart of the historical part of Odense in Denmark.


Inappropriate placement of air inlet and outlet channels, where the risk of cross-contamination is high. JIMCO remedied this by installing Kitchen Pollution Control (KPC) in the kitchen hoods.

No bad complaints about the smell either in or outside Hotel Odeon

” It is amazing that the air outlet located close to the supply air does

not cause any odor problems ”

” Neighbors has not complained about odors, especially when we

fry bacon and you have no doubt about this smell ”

Simple to install in existing hoods​

The JIMCO UV-C lamps are placed in a steel frame, which is installed behind the grease filters in the hood or, in cases where this is not possible due to lack of space, in an enclosure immediately above the hood.

KPC inflict to intensive UV-C light on to grease particles which disrupt them and then oxidizes them through the ductwork with ozone which causes contaminants in the air to be destroyed, resulting in the reduction of odor emissions to the surroundings and no grease deposits in the ductwork. This process reduces the odor emitted to the surroundings.

We recommend that ducts are manually cleaned before installing a JIMCO commercial kitchen pollution control unit for air cleaning.

The advantages of using a JIMCO KPC system means the traditional problems with air filtration are eliminated. Examples are: high chimneys, electrostatic filters, activated carbon filters, scrubbers, deodorizing oils etc.

The JIMCO Kitchen Pollution Control system are efficient in every commercial kitchen. No matter if it is in fast food restaurants, canteens, hotels, or hospitals.

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