With hard and humble work, the company JIMCO in Denmark has made 2020 the best year in the company’s 29-year history. JIMCO’s revenue has increased significantly and last year, the company received the largest order ever from a company in the food industry in the United States, who ordered products for millions.

“We have hired several employees who are happy to make an international difference here from the small Danish island of Langeland,” says JIMCO’s CEO and owner, Jimmy K Larsen.

Still, it is Larsen’s feeling that the knowledge of the company is limited on Langeland. “When you ask people in the global food industry if they know JIMCO, they know who we are. But when you ask the customers in the city of Rudkøbing, is it not certain they know us,” he says.

Environmentally Friendly Treatment

JIMCO produces equipment for air purification and surface disinfection, which removes odours, bacteria and viruses with UV-C light and ozone technology. The method is environmentally friendly and has received the EU’s environmental award for the development of clean technology.

The demand has naturally been especially high during the coronavirus pandemic, but this is not the main reason for the progress, says Larsen. “This is due to a solid effort to expand the knowledge of JIMCO. Our solutions are patented, and all our products have a documented effect,” he says.

95% of JIMCO’s products are exported. There are many customers from the food industry because the air purifiers reduce odour and fire hazard. JIMCO’s products are installed in the hoods of a third of all McDonald’s restaurants in Denmark, and JIMCO has made an agreement with McDonald’s that JIMCO equipment in the future will be installed in all new McDonald’s restaurants in Denmark.

The products are also delivered to McDonald’s restaurants in a wide range of other countries. For example, McDonald’s Ukraine has installed the equipment for more than 20 of their restaurants in the last three years. McDonald’s Hong Kong also has installations, as does the burger chain’s restaurant in Chicago.

The next target is to get the same status at McDonald’s in the rest of the world as in Denmark. The products are also used in office environments, and JIMCO also manufactures small air purifiers for private home. “For example, to people who are suffering from asthma or KOL who have told us that the machine is a great help,” says Larsen.

Good location in Rudkøbing

The internationally oriented company is located in Rudkøbing purely because this is where Larsen lives. The company’s growth does not change his desire to stay on Langeland.

“Economically, it can clearly pay off, and it is also a super good place to be. There is a very well-functioning business network here,” says Larsen, who is happy that his company can contribute positively to Langeland’s business community.

Last year, the company held a conference at the headquarters in Rudkøbing for dealers from all over the world. There were 28 nations together under one roof. This will also benefit the local hotel and restaurants that made the food for the customers. We are really looking forward to being able to do this again.