Cleanroom Injection Moulding

Euroform MediPharm (MediPharm) offers plastic production in cleanroom environments for medical components and devices with injection moulding techniques.

The company develops, industrialises, injection moulds and assembles plastic systems where sterile environments are a prerequisite.

A highly qualified partner, MediPharm holds deep technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the medical industry.

Specialist cleanroom production capabilities

MediPharm produces modern cleanrooms that are classified according to the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO): 14644-1 class 8.

In its cleanrooms, the company injection-moulds and oversees clients’ requirements regarding all forms of assembly, packing and numerous packaging solutions.

MediPharm also offers production in a controlled environment for when clients may have requirements for a clean product but not those for cleanroom production.

Production in controlled environments

For those who have no requirements for cleanrooms, but whose products still demand a clean production environment, MediPharm offers industrial production in a sterile, unclassified environment.

This process is optimal for exclusive items, transparent or white articles, and those that require a finish.

Machine park and assembly areas for cleanrooms

MediPharm has a broad range of modern machines with a capacity from 50t to 160t in a cleanroom environment, as well as up to 400t in a controlled environment.

As well as machines, the company has an extensive area for packing, assembly and automation for both long and short series.

Assembly comprises a primary component of what MediPharm offers, including assembly at the injection moulding machine, and more complex manual and fully automatic assembly work, where the company takes care of any included articles.

Packaging services

MediPharm ensures the protection of all items before delivery, providing various types of packaging, from bulk packaging to individually packaged in consumer blisters.

The company develops proposals to suit individual customer requirements.

Design and simulation capabilities

MediPharm has the capabilities to help clients who are unsure of what their detail will ultimately look like or need help with any modifications.

It can perform form-filling analyses or make modifications in computer-aided design (CAD) to realistically describe what the finished detail will look like before the production of the tool.

Projects in accordance with ISO13485 and PPAP

MediPharm runs its projects in cross-functional teams with extensive experience following ISO13485 and production part approval process (PPAP), guaranteeing it can deliver according to the deadline with high transparency in terms of costs and schedules throughout the project, from quotation to delivery.

Furthermore, MediPharm strives to offer feedback in a way that improves each product in production, and in terms of costs.

About MediPharm

MediPharm holds broad expertise in the development and manufacture of polymeric products for the medical and medical technology industries.

The company’s extensive experience of designing and industrialising polymeric system solutions for medical and pharmaceutical firms makes it a reliable partner in terms of quality and delivery security.