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Sterilisation Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Micronova manufactures mops, wipers, and soaps for aseptic processing in pharmaceutical production facilities.

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Micronova manufactures sterilisation solutions such as mops, wipers, and soaps for aseptic processing in pharmaceutical production facilities.

The products are designed to maintain contamination control in a wide range of drug production locations, from research and development (R&D) labs to cleanrooms.

Mops for aseptic processing in drug production facilities

Micronova’s range of specialised mops is suitable for cleaning floors in sterile processing environments.

Micronova's tape products are available in a range of shapes and sizes for labelling applications.
The mop range are designed to be used with strong disinfectants.
The SilSat wiper is made from high-grade silicon.
Micronova's detergents are filtered to 0.1 microns.
The Touch Free Dispenser delivers an accurate pre-measured dose of soap.

Made from durable materials, the mops can be used with strong disinfectants and are compatible with sterilisation methods often used in healthcare.

The mops’ detachable mopheads are robust and maintain performance when used multiple times. The range includes a variety of mophead styles, sizes, and fabrics to meet customers’ needs in surface wetting and disinfecting applications. The mops’ handles are also customisable.

Available mop designs include large mopheads for disinfecting large surfaces and hand-held mops for cleaning isolators, biohazard hoods and cabinets.

Irradiated tapes for colour-coding and sealing pharmaceutical glassware

Micronova’s CR100PC and EGV vinyl tapes are designed to label, seal and colour-code glassware in pharmaceutical laboratories.

This clean-peel tape leaves no residue when removed so glassware can be easily re-labelled. They are also available in a wide range of colours, providing flexibility for colour-coding containers such as autoclave bags and wraps.

Micronova’s MicroSeal tape is designed to secure plates for incubation or environmental monitoring. This perforated tape is low-tack and suitable for cuff sealing and gowning applications.

The company’s range also includes heat and freeze-resistant polyethylene and polyamide tapes.

Touch-free dispensers and soaps for handwashing applications

Micronova’s patented Touch Free Dispenser reduces the risk of cross-contamination in pharmaceutical production facilities and R&D labs.

The dispenser delivers an accurate pre-measured dose of soap, sanitiser or lotion to help staff meet handwashing protocols, witness plating and de-gowning procedures.

The Touch Free Dispenser comes with a choice of soaps, including NovaClenz ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer, Hy-G-Clenz anti-bacterial lotion soap with triclosan and AquaHol 70/30 irradiated India pale ale (IPA) in water for injection (WFI), as well as BioClenz chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) hand cleanser in 2% or 4% formulations and NovaDerm barrier cream.

Low-linting sponges and irradiated wipes for localised sterilisation

Micronova’s sponges and wipes range features sterile swabs, spill pillows and pre-saturated wraps for sterile pharmaceutical applications.

The irradiated silicon SilSat wiper is made from high-grade silicon. It offers an alternative to spray lubricants for sterilising manufacturing equipment, gears and fill lines in sterile production plants.

The PolyMitt is a glove-wiper that provides an accurate solution for cleaning tanks, tubing and hard-to-access areas.

Low-ionic cleaners and detergents for cleaning controlled environments

Micronova produces a range of cleaners and detergents for cleaning controlled environments in pharmaceutical production plants and laboratories.

Detergents are filtered to 0.1 microns and are suitable for neutral processes such as glass and curtain cleaning, as well as adhesive removal.

NovaClean is designed for wall and floor cleaning. The chemical contains no mobile ions, meaning it will not generate a static charge. Its formulation is blended with alcohol for a fast drying and non-streaking clean.

MegaClean removes adhesive and label residues.

White Papers

  • Liners for Critical Containment, Transportation and Disposal

    Micronova Bags and Liners can be used for a variety of containment functions in the cleanroom and aseptic areas. Material transfer and disinfectant containment typically fall to the BucketLiner group with the impermeable LDPE/Nylon Laminate construction.

  • Micronova: Your Cleanroom’s Worth It

    In today's world, the call for controlled manufacturing is standard across a wide range of industries. Processing and cleaning controls continue to grow ever more stringent in biotechnology and pharmaceutical production - at the same time engineers in wafer production and nanotechnology search for methods to attain higher yields.

Press Releases

Products & services

  • The NovaKnit™ Series

    The NovaKnit is an absorbent, deceptively tough mop for cleaning and liquid pick-up in controlled and critical environments.

  • CR100PC™ Cleanroom Tape

    Micronova's CR100PC Cleanroom tape is specifically prepared for applications in and around the cleanroom.

  • NovaClean™ Lab and Glass Clean

    The NovaClean Lab and Glass Clean is a ready-to-use cleaner that has sodium and potassium levels only measurable in parts per million.

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Torrance, CA 90505 5010
United States of America

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