Oncgnostics GmbH, a Jena / Germany based company, has developed GynTect® for precision detection of cervical cancer.

GynTect was tested and validated in clinical trials on more than 3,500 samples with a remarkable detection score of 100% in all cervical cancer cases included. Moreover, GynTect identifies all relevant pre-cancerous lesions due to its first-of-a-kind prognostic value.

An average of 3.753 participants with a mean age of 31.8 years has been included in the study. More of half of the woman had been affected for more than one year with suspicious Pap smear and HPV results.

More than two out of three women stated to be afraid of developing or being diagnosed with cervical cancer, and 49% even expressed the fact that they were anxious about dying. Half stated that the risk of conizations as well as the risk of preterm birth is important to them and impacting their life clearly and severely, respectively.

Results of the study have been presented at EUROGIN 2019 in Monaco. A published paper of the results is currently in the scientific review process with Prof Dr Peter Hillemanns, professor at Hannover Medical School and key opinion leader for cervical cancer screening, as the corresponding author.

“This survey is the first of its kind to investigate the psychological distress during repetitive diagnostic cycles from patients with abnormal Pap and HPV findings, highlighting high unmet clinical needs of the patients”, states Dr Martina Schmitz, Oncgnostics Chief Scientific Officer. “GynTect is giving concerned patients and their clinicians an immediate answer if suspicious lesions are at risk of developing cancer or spontaneous healing without the need for surgical intervention is prognosed”.

“GynTect can be a very attractive portfolio expansion for diagnostic and medical companies in women’s health, especially for companies specialising in fertility and pregnancy segments with products such as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). We are interested in such discussing opportunities at JP Morgan 2020” pointed out Dr Peter Haug, Head of Business Development & Licensing.

Oncgnostics technology has been exclusively licensed out in 2017 to Sinopharm Group for the greater China region. Biotech Alliances International Inc, a Silicon Valley-based healthcare-focused investment bank, is serving as the lead investment banker to Oncgnostics globalisation and partnering strategy. Meetings with Oncgnostics Management can be arranged during JP Morgan Conference 2020.

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