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Electromedical Device Engineering and Production

SXT specialises in the design and production of electromedical devices, developing reliable and groundbreaking technologies in various application fields.

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Electromedical Devices

SXT specialises in the design and production of electromedical devices, developing reliable and groundbreaking technologies in various application fields.

The company’s primary product focus areas include continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) ventilators to treat obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS) and portable electrocardiographs.

SXT offers its expertise to clients who wish to create an innovative product from scratch or need external resources to improve devices already on the market. Its skills cover software and hardware design, with extensive knowledge in algorithms and machine learning.

CPAP ventilators for sleep management

Blunotte is STX’s family of CPAP ventilators, which include auto-adjusting and telemonitoring features for the treatment of patients suffering from OSAS.

The company develops and produces three models of CPAP ventilators, all ensuring daily treatment is less invasive and better tolerated by the patient.

The automatic version further improves comfort, usability and personalisation so as to best suit patient-specific needs.

CPAP with telemetry features

Blunotte Cloud, the company’s latest model, introduced its CPAP devices to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) world. It is a CPAP/AUTOCPAP with telemetry features based on mobile networks, which automatically sends both usage statistics and detailed records of pressure, flow and leak curves.

Blueviewer is complete software for sleep lab management. Along with all standard features of CPAP/AUTOCPAP dedicated software, Blueviewer offers daily reports and graphs, accurate signals and event reports for each treatment session.

With the Cloud version, the patient is at home, and the clinician receives and analyses high-quality data using Blueviewer.

Electromedical devices for ECG recording

CardioDial is the company’s first electromedical device, a single-lead portable electrocardiograph for recording a high-quality electrocardiogram (ECG trace).

It has an integrated 2G radio, which makes it an effective solution for daily monitoring or to begin recording at the onset of a symptom, with even more vital information.

Medical devices for bedsores

Flow is a portfolio of medical devices designed to prevent and treat pressure ulcers (bedsores).

While SXT did not directly produce Flow, the company cooperated in the design and certification of the new model.

Product design and certification services

SXT offers different services and expertise for product design and certification and ICT, such as web development, mobile development and control of industrial processes and production. The company’s most recent applications are Daemon, PXNext and Garage.

Daemon is an Android application designed to help technical staff in a local area to schedule assignments, manage its transit stock collecting, during the task, the most varied types of information and generating printable layouts for reporting. Daemon also guarantees operation even in the total absence of data connection.

PXNext is the B2B portal used by our customers to interact with the public administration in the home care sector. PxNext connects in real-time multiple enterprise resource planners (ERPs), normalising the data of different business lines and allowing an orderly consultation.

The doctor can:

  • Consult and manage customer personal data
  • Request the activation of specific services

The administration can:

  • Check the workflow progress
  • Consult delivery notes and invoices

The health direction can:

  • Consult prevalence data
  • Monitor the progress of the service

Garage is a platform devoted to the management of maintenance and production activities. Equipped with a powerful workflow engine, Garage guarantees process compliance, traceability of the components through barcode/QR code scans and reliable connection with ERP for stock management.

About SXT

SXT is an Italian Company founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano.

Its mission is to bring to the market research and innovation solutions in the field of electromedical devices.

SXT is currently part of the Medicair Group, an Italy-based leader among homecare providers.

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