Uson now provides leak detection equipment matching services

Medical device manufacturers seeking increased production efficiencies and lower costs, now possible with use of state-of-the-art leak detectors for leak-sensitive medical device assembly, can select between two new leak detection equipment matching services from Uson.

Uson is the pioneer of dry air leak-testing methods with arguably the most experienced leak test applications laboratory capable of designing best-match leak detection equipment best suited for testing laparoscopic surgical instruments, implanted devices such as insulin pumps as well as a wide range of other medical device applications.

These two no-cost services are:

  • Uson’s Leak Detector Express Proposal service assuring a 48-hour return on Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and suitable for most in the industry.
  • Uson’s Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal service for unusual applications that require multi-phase analysis of best-match leak detection equipment at the concept stage, final designs, training, and factory installation and acceptance testing.

Uson’s Leak Detector Express Proposal service is especially timely for many manufacturing engineers responding to recessionary pressures to decrease production costs. State-of-the-art Uson leak detectors have vastly improved data storage capabilities; a boon to ongoing Six Sigma and similar quality initiatives.

Uson leak detection equipment includes several models of leak detectors, each of which has been designed for specific test cycle times, leak rate, test pressures and similar specifications. The Uson "Express" service employs the vast Uson database of leak test solutions to quickly determine best match leak detectors for most RFP proposals.

Uson’s Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal service is designed to bring the entirety of Uson’s expertise to bear on finding best match leak detection equipment for more challenging test specifications or others requiring additional study. Some examples are high-flow valves to fill large volumes quickly, pneumatic circuits that automatically switch leak tests from one side of a part to another, multiple test pressure requirements, etc. The Uson team that finalises these custom application proposals includes highly trained leak testing engineers, applications specialists and operations and sales specialists, brought together as a team to create leak test solutions optimised for these more challenging requirements.

Uson vice president Martin Bryant explains why these two new no-cost leak detector application match services are especially timely; "New features incorporated into Uson’s leak detection equipment — such as intuitive graphical operator controls, RFID tag reading and multiple formats for leak test data storage, have proven track records in helping companies speed production lines without sacrificing quality. Even companies that have long-established assembly lines using earlier generations of Uson’s best-in-class leak detectors and certainly those using less accurate or slower leak detectors can see a return-on-investment from newer models and features of Uson leak detection equipment in as little as a few months.

"We also find that many of our customers consider the advanced data storage options essential to pre-empt warranty or legal claims that defective parts had left their factory. The data storage is a war chest for any potential litigation, which unfortunately is now a cost-of-business for most industries where leak testing is important."