Uson, global leader in leak testers and systems, is celebrating 50 years of innovative thinking and leadership by proclaiming the dawn of "The Usonian Age."

The Houston-based manufacturer of leak and flow testers to the automotive, medical, industrial and packaging industries began its business in the early ’60s by providing NASA with reliable leak and flow testing for its space initiatives.

Today, the 50-year-old business is launching a new initiative in branding, shifting its core message to usher in a new era.

"The Usonian Age is more than just a new tack in our marketing efforts," said Dave Foran, CEO of Uson. "It’s a new day for the company itself – the product of a decades-long commitment to bring the best leak testing equipment to market."

This new period of precision, Foran said, celebrates extreme quality control and the Herculean efforts of manufacturers to produce high-performing leak-proof products devoid of imperfections. Uson’s role is to ensure these manufacturers have the leak and flow testers that help them meet their exacting standards. The common goals include elevated efficiency, increased productivity and a boost to consumer confidence.

During this time, we witness the rise of heroes, titans of efficiency and quality in their respective industries, the vanguard of this new Age.

The multimedia campaign will run online and in trade publications, with extensive SEO/PPC and tradeshow support. It will also leverage Uson’s extensive network of whitepapers and case studies to engage with new and existing customers.

"It’s pretty rare to be able to launch a new age," said Foran. "I’m proud that Uson is at the forefront of it. The times promise to be pretty exciting, for our customers and for us."