Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester

Uson’s Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester provides manufacturing, design and quality engineers, automation specialists and machine builders an affordable leak tester that is fully customizable to their specific leak testing applications and requirements.

At the heart of the innovative Optima vT is Uson’s powerful TCU2 – the second generation Test Control Unit offering unparalleled versatility with a choice of one or two test channels. The powerful TCU2 permits connection of up to four high-resolution sensors per channel. The single channel Optima vT can test up to four independent cavities simultaneously while the two-channel tester is capable of handling up to eight, allowing for significant cost savings.

The Optima vT can perform vacuum decay tests, pressure decay leak testing, differential pressure decay leak tests, mass flow leak detection (including back pressure and differential), upstream and downstream cracking pressure, pressure rise tests, burst tests, laminar flow tests, force decay tests and occlusion tests.

"No matter what you want to achieve in your test application Uson can do it and now the Optima vT will most often be the leak detector of choice. Whether you want production speed on the order of a million parts a year or you want a variety of tests done in sequence such as a pressure decay followed by a series of flow tests, we can configure the Optima to be that throughput king," said Joe Pustka, Director of Application Engineering.

Key features of the Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester include:

  • TCU2 resource manager with state-of-the-art ARM processors
  • Two channels with up to four sensors/channel, totaling up to eight sensor inputs
  • Simultaneous testing on all sensor inputs
  • Built-in automated calculators for speed testing and data handling
  • Fully customizable pneumatic controls
  • Large easy-to-read full color touch screen display with intuitive user interface