Uson launches no-cost, one-to-one leak detection training

Medical device manufacturers that use leak test instrumentation on production lines for inspecting components and products for leaks and/or flow rates and similar leak detection applications can now achieve both higher quality and efficiency operations through improved training offered at no charge by Uson.

These hands-on leak detection training sessions are held in various Uson worldwide locations and in some cases on-site for select companies with numerous and varied models of Uson leak detection equipment. Medical device manufacturers that make use of this free service will be gaining from Uson’s many decades of experience in developing the leak test methods that it first pioneered for US NASA space explorations and soon brought to bear on leak detection for a wide range of medical device, industrial and automotive applications worldwide.

These Uson leak detection training sessions provide the building blocks of information on leak detection that fully trained personnel responsible for leak testing products pre-market release need — from Senior Manufacturing Engineers to Design Engineers involved in R and D and new product developments, to line workers and others responsible for high-accuracy leak testing with one or another leak detection method — pressure decay, differential pressure decay, mass flow, and/or helium trace gas.

Uson president Alan Eschbach said; "We know that many Uson customers are extremely concerned with potential for costly litigation or product recalls in the event of releasing defective products to market with unacceptable leak rates. Rather than allowing such costly incidents and damage to their company reputations to occur, they want to address any system weaknesses within their control – whether it is a matter of maintenance by line workers, failsafe methods to ensure valves and sensors are operating in the required manner, methods to handle temperature variations in test environments in a timely way and other steps that need to be addressed for total leak detector reliability.

"These training sessions are days well spent for any commercial company that avails itself of this free Uson service. If a company wants to know that their leak test systems meet the highest professional standard, Uson, the inventor of dry air leak testing methods and the leak detector manufacturer with the most highly trained leak test experts is the ultimate authority."

Eschbach added; "Based on the discussions held and questions asked during these hands-on training sessions, Uson’s leak testing experts will make recommendations on process improvements that can be quickly implemented to ensure that leak detection equipment functions as designed".