Zwick’s test fixture is used to determine the break-away force and glide force of syringes, syringe cartridges, and similar dosimeters.

Glide force is tested to DIN EN ISO 7886 -1, DIN EN ISO 11499, and ISO 11040-4. The breakaway and glide forces are important parameters used to select the most suitable syringe. These may not exceed or fall below certain limits to ensure that a safe drug dose is administered. The forces are influenced by the viscosity of the drug and the size of the cannula.

Zwick’s universal test fixture can accommodate all common syringe geometries due to its adjustable specimen holder. Specimen diameter adjustment is performed steplessly and tool-free via a handwheel. Optional holders facilitate the testing of specimens without finger grips.

Zwick’s testXpert II testing software enables you to easily test the maximum force and the average glide force. The integration of a weigh module makes it possible to determine the dosing accuracy of single doses, such as those in insulin cartridges.

A camera documents the glide force of the syringe plug. The videoCapture plus option for testXpert II synchronously records the test results and the video signal. Together with the non-contact videoXtens extensometer, continuous measurement of the thickness of the plug is possible.

Benefits / features of the test device for determination of breakaway force: 

  • Test device consists of a holder below and a die above
  • Includes a glass container to collect escaped liquid
  • Swiveling guide jaws with two different radii ensure optimal guiding
  • Die with concave seat ensures centering of (syringe) plunger
  • Customised mounts can be easily attached
  • Fixture has apertures for visual monitoring of glide path
  • Insertion and removal of specimens via a quick release fastener maintains the specimen diameter setting
  • Cartridge holders available as an option for standard sizes 1.5ml and 3.0ml
  • testXpert II makes it possible to connect to an optional scale. This means the fixture can also be used for dosing accuracy tests to, for example, DIN EN ISO 11608-3
  • A safety door is recommended if testing glass syringes
  • This fixture can be used to perform tests on dental cartridges for local anesthesia to DIN EN ISO 11499