The 2007 International Forum for Materials Testing will take place from the 22nd to the 25th of October. Over the past 16 years this event has acquired an excellent international reputation, and at this year’s event there will be both a full range of innovative and successful solutions for destructive and non-destructive testing and lectures by well-known experts with practical tests and demonstrations during the show. Application specialists will be present to discuss special test requirements.


The testXpo 2007 will be held in Zwick’s brand new 5,200m² production centre, and unlike traditional exhibitions, the exhibits are grouped according to application. For example, there are metal-testing centres as well as plastic, automotive, medical and building materials. This gives guests the opportunity to find items they are interested in easily and to discuss their testing requirements with specialists.

The ‘tested for life’ centre will demonstrate a range of mechanical tests on products we experience in our daily lives, for example the testing of sports shoes, outdoor textiles or texture tests on cookies.

Zwick’s after-sales products clearly demonstrate the cost effectiveness of upgrading or modernising (retrofitting) both Zwick and non-Zwick brands of testing machine, whether they are electro-mechanical, servo-hydraulic, pendulum impact testers or creep testers. They have also prepared a comprehensive service package which includes technical consultancy services, project planning and implementation of the modernisation process, including calibration and operator training.


As always, the centre of attention will be testXpert II, Zwick’s software for both static and dynamic testing. testXpert II offers tailored solutions using industry terminology and a choice of languages and is used in conjunction with testControl, the latest technology in digital test machine controllers.


In addition to the conventional materials testing machines, exhibitors will experience a comprehensive range of new developments, including a range of testing machines (zwicki-Line) from 0.5kN to 5kN, testing instruments for tests on plastics (drop-weight tester, Mflow and HDT / Vicat), hardness testers (ZHU topLine) and a sheet-metal forming tester.

A special feature will highlight the latest technology and functionality in non-contact extensometry (laserXtens and videoXtens). There will also be new grips and tooling for yarns and textiles, and a much wider range of tools and fixtures for other specialised tests.

As always, Zwick specialists from every industry sector will be available to answer questions and share valuable information with the delegates.


The Forum for Testing Technologies will offer more than just product information and exhibits. Technical presentations and workshops in German and English language will enable the sharing of information on topical subjects concerning materials and component testing. Visitors will collect valuable, comprehensive, and practical information and enhance their own personal networks.

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