Whether you are in research and development or quality control, the Forum for Materials Testing in Ulm, Germany promises to be a must-attend event for everyone who conducts mechanical testing and is interested in gaining the latest knowledge in this field.

This year’s trade fair will be held from 19-22 October. Zwick Roell and their associate partners will exhibit recent developments and testing systems ranging from universal testing machines to the latest generation of materials-testing software.

Application-oriented solutions

The exhibits are grouped according to application, for example there is a centre for metal testing as well as plastics, automotive, medical and building materials. The ‘tested for life’ centre will demonstrate mechanical tests on products in our daily lives; for example tests on textiles, ceramic tiles, food, packaging and paper. Experts and specialists will be on hand to answer questions on every aspect of testing and share valuable information from each industry sector.

Zwick has also prepared comprehensive customer support packages which includes test machine modernizations, inspection, preventive maintenance, calibration, project planning and the Zwick Academy (training and seminars).

Lectures and discussions

Lectures and presentations by prominent industry leaders and Zwick Roell industry experts complement the exhibition, giving a well-rounded perspective of materials and component testing. From the critical machine-selection stage to precision calibration services for your existing machines, there is something for everyone.

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