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Ostling Markingsystems

Industrial Marking and Product Identification Systems

Brosshauser Strasse 27,
Solingen 42697,

Östling Markingsystems is a leading worldwide supplier of industrial marking and product identification systems. Östling’s different technologies are:

  • Chemical etch marking: economic and permanent marking
  • Dot peen marking: tamper-proof, durable and flexible
  • Scribing: fine lines and deep characters with low-noise operation
  • Laser marking: high flexibility with superior quality
  • 2D-code – readers and cameras: read data reliably even after several years

Permanent product marking systems

Östling produces a wide range of permanent product marking systems. We can supply standard marking solutions, or you can ask us to engineer a complete customised integration package to meet your specific needs.

Laser marking system

Our innovation is the LasOnAll XS – XS size and XL technology. The new XS-series is smaller, lighter weight and more economical, with improved performance compared with previous series. The new diode-pumped solid state laser is in a class of its own. Its compact and cubic construction is perfect for easy and space-saving integration into all kinds of industrial environments.

The resonator and laser head of the LasOnAll XS have been completely revised. With its improved technical configuration the cw performance is up to 40W, all contained within the XS’s compact dimensions. This allows the machines to be used in a huge range of applications. Compared with fibre-based laser systems the diode-pumped XS has no problems with optical back reflections as a result of marking, for example, copper, brass and other highly reflecting materials.

In addition to the laser unit the lightweight 19in rack is equipped with all required power and control components. For system implementation only a standard power supply and a USB connection to a PC or notebook is required.

Energy-efficient laser marking system

The diode durability of the XS-series can be favourably compared to fibre laser systems. During maintenance it is only necessary to change the diode packs instead of replacing the whole laser unit. The XS power consumption is highly efficient, with the 20W version only using 600W.

Our employees are dedicated to helping our customers find the best approach to their product marking applications. Starting from our initial customer contact, to the final start-up and training, we constantly strive to earn our customers’ trust and confidence. Over the years our company has achieved something that cannot be bought: experience and expertise.

Electrolytic marking system

The electrolytic marking procedure is based on an electrochemical process. The exact copy of a template is applied to an electrically conductive product, in which current and electrolyte react with one another.

The Östling electrolytic marking system provides economic and permanent marking, even on large areas and varied surface shapes (including flat, round, concave and convex). Depending on the source material and the current flow, the results are black, white or deep markings – without corrosion or other negative effects on the material. The graphic design options are nearly unlimited.

We have a large number of electrolytes available, to ensure that your alloys receive a high-quality marking. No acids or other dangerous substances are applied. Typical application areas for our electrolytic marking system include cutlery, tools, medical instruments, fittings and ball bearings.

Contact us today to evaluate your specific application.

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