TG3 offers infection control washable computer peripherals to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in medical environments.

One of our best-selling lines is our washable keyboards and mice, which are easy-to-clean to withstand medical grade cleaners and available for use in a wide range of industries such as medical, education and industrial environments.

Washable compact keyboards have a variety of styles and sizes available. Each console has VESA PEM holes on the back to help with added security to medical carts. We can add features such as Bluetooth, backlights, and touchpads to a keyboard, and mice can be supplied in a wired or wireless variant.

Sealed keyboard and mouse options enable a cleaner and safer work environment; products, fully sealed with silicone, aid with the rapid turnaround time needed between each use. Rubber keyboards simplify and optimise cleaning when compared with a standard keyboard.

Typing on our infection control keyboards feels like typing directly on a laptop, despite its waterproof state.
TG3’s cleanable keyboards are more relevant today than ever given the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic.
Sealed keyboard and mouse options enable a cleaner and safer work environment.

Infection control washable keyboards for medical environments

Our cleanable keyboards are more relevant today than ever, given the Covid-19 global pandemic. They are fully wrapped in a specialised rubber to help with infection control in work environments.

Our keyboards can withstand medical grade cleaners and have minimal downtime between each use. A list of disinfectants tested against our wipeable consoles is available.

Infection control washable keyboards for ease-of-cleaning

An optimum feature of our keyboard is its ‘Clean Mode’, which allows the end-user to clean the console without having to disconnect it from the PC, saving time, as well as the amount of cleaning product used.

Once active, this easy-to-use ‘Clean Mode’ disables keys for a thorough wipe-down.

Scissor switch technology for medical applications

Our keyboards stand apart from others on the market due to scissor-switch technology, which allows the end-user to type seamlessly on the keyboard.

Typing on these infection control keyboards is similar to using a laptop, despite its waterproof state; keys are silent and easy to press.

Scissor switch technology brings an added rugged characteristic to allow keyboard longevity. Even with a glove, an end-user can type freely and easily on these cleanable keyboards.

High-end infection control washable products with high-grade silicone

Our rubber keyboards are made with the highest-grade silicon to help prevent wear and tear.

Sealed compact keyboards can handle the harshest work environments, constant daily cleanings, and are IP68-rated. They are dust and dirt-proof and capable of being fully submerged into water, functioning effortlessly.

Waterproof Bluetooth keyboards for medical environments

A keyboard option we offer is a waterproof Bluetooth keyboard, for work environments where a mobile console is required.

The Bluetooth feature has an optional USB cord for easy charging.

In addition to being waterproof and having Bluetooth capabilities, we also offer this keyboard with a backlight option.

Sealed keyboards with a variety of features

We manufacture more than 60 different washable keyboard stock-keeping units (SKUs), ranging in size and capabilities.

Available in black or white, we can supply a cleanable keyboard for any job requirement.