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Bluegiga Technologies

Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Healthcare and Medical Use

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Bluegiga provides Bluetooth-based wireless solutions that meet high quality standards and are secure, cost-efficient, easy-to-integrate and simple to use. Bluegiga’s products are platforms that enable you to efficiently build solutions tailored for your customers’ needs.

Bluetooth products for the medical industry

Bluegiga is a contributing member of Bluetooth SIG’s medical working group, which is responsible for creating the Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP). The Bluetooth HDP is available for both the Bluegiga WT11 Class 1 Bluetooth Module and Bluegiga WT12 Class 2 Bluetooth Module. Both modules use CSR silicon and run Bluegiga’s iWRAP™ Bluetooth connectivity firmware.

Bluetooth access devices for telehealth networks

Bluegiga offers a new range of Bluetooth access devices and modules with dedicated features and approvals for health, medical and fitness applications. Bluegiga eHealth Gateways and eHealth Modules™ offer the Bluetooth HDP and Continua’s IEEE-based data transfer protocols.

The eHealth Bluetooth Modules allow device manufacturers to build Continua-compliant wireless medical devices with Bluetooth HDP connectivity. The eHealth Gateway can be used as a network gateway device for connecting the Bluetooth-based medical devices with Internet-based back end services. Larger scale Gateway installations can be securely and remotely managed with the Bluegiga Solution Manager software.

Bluetooth wireless technology for healthcare applications

Bluegiga has a number of existing customers already utilising their modules and networking devices for a wide range of healthcare solutions, from hospital networks to consumer devices.

The healthcare applications utilising the Bluegiga Bluetooth Access Server can vary from standalone remote healthcare solutions to networked hospital installations, linking one or more different Bluetooth-enabled devices to the back end system. Local applications can be written and stored in the device or it can be configured to use readily available applications.

Radio technology, integration support and add-on services for Bluetooth wireless technology

In addition to high-quality Bluetooth products, Bluegiga provides top-rated radio technology, world-class integration support and bundled add-on services to ensure that our customers meet and exceed project targets. The company continuously improves its software in order to offer customers the latest technology.

Development services for Bluetooth wireless technology for medical applications

Bluegiga also offers hands-on product development services for extending the features of an existing Bluegiga product:

  • Firmware and software development
  • Design consultation and validation (SW and HW)
  • BSM installation consultation

Bluegiga’s Web Seminar: Healthcare and Medical

Demand for remote and wireless solutions in healthcare systems is rapidly growing due to today's skyrocketing healthcare costs. Bluegiga provides Bluetooth-based wireless solutions that meet high quality standards and are secure, cost-efficient, easy-to-integrate and simple to use. Bluegiga has b

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