Nevro has been granted a patent for a method involving electrical therapy applied to the brain with increased efficacy and reduced side effects. The therapy signal, delivered via an implanted device, targets specific neural populations without inducing unwanted effects, offering potential benefits for patients with various disorders. GlobalData’s report on Nevro gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

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According to GlobalData’s company profile on Nevro, Neuromodulation implants was a key innovation area identified from patents. Nevro's grant share as of March 2024 was 61%. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Electrical therapy for brain disorders without side effects

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Credit: Nevro Corp

A recently granted patent (Publication Number: US11944811B1) discloses a method for treating patients by programming an implantable signal generator to deliver an electrical signal to a specific neural population in the brain, aiming to reduce or eliminate the effects of a patient disorder without inducing paresthesia. The electrical signal parameters include a frequency range of 5 kHz to 500 kHz, an amplitude range of 0.1 mA to 20 mA, and a pulse width range of 10 microseconds to 333 microseconds. The method targets neural populations in deep brain regions or cortical regions, such as the ventral intermediate nucleus, subthalamic nucleus, or globus pallidus internus, with a focus on motor disorders like Parkinson's disease.

Furthermore, the patent outlines variations of the method, specifying different frequency ranges, such as 5 kHz to 100 kHz or 5 kHz to 20 kHz, to tailor the treatment to specific patient needs. The electrical signal delivery is designed to avoid sensory, cognitive, and motor side effects, ensuring a safe and effective treatment for motor disorders like Parkinson's disease. The method involves precise positioning of the implanted signal delivery device at or adjacent to the target neural population, such as the subthalamic nucleus, to achieve optimal results. Overall, the patent highlights a novel approach to treating patient disorders through targeted electrical stimulation in the brain, offering potential benefits for individuals suffering from motor disorders.

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