GENOMERA® FLU A/B + RSV - Rapid Multiplexed RT-PRC Test - Verdict Medical Devices
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GENOMERA® FLU A/B + RSV – Rapid Multiplexed RT-PRC Test

Influenza (Flu) A and B, together with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), are among the main causes of respiratory infections during the winter months.

It is estimated that these viruses infect 5%-10% of the world’s population annually. Children and the elderly are particularly at risk and their infections can be severe.

Influenza and RSV cause 250,000-500,000 deaths every year. The economic burden of influenza, due to loss of productivity in Germany and France together, is estimated to be €6.4bn-€9.8bn.

As an optimal diagnostic tool to detect influenza and RSV reliably and quickly, GenomEra® Flu A / B + RSV can play a major role in the prevention of epidemics, with their associated deaths and costs to society.