HORIBA Medical is a Category Award Winner for Environmental, Innovation, and Product Launches in the 2023 Medical Device Network Excellence Awards.

A recently updated compact instrument range, comprising the Yumizen H500 (open and closed tube sampling options) and the Yumizen H550 (autoloading) is a winner in the Innovation and the Product Launch categories. The analyzers are suited to a wide range of environments from small labs to clinics and blood banks.

Yumizen H500 (left) and H550 (right)

These new products boast impressive performance, providing whole blood 20 µL sampling and delivering 60 complete blood counts per hour with 37 parameters. In addition, the autoloading version provides with 40 tube autonomy plus continuous loading and STAT mode.

The operator interface is ergonomically friendly with clear color-coded menus. The products can also be supported remotely via Yumicare connectivity which provides confidence for continuing service provision.

In addition, the range offers optional infectious screening flags for Malaria and Dengue, making the analyzers effective as mobile screening tools in endemic regions.

Yumizen H2500

Across its Yumizen product range HORIBA Medical has also developed reagent technologies which rely on lower numbers of reagents and smaller volumes. For example, the Yumizen H2500 high-throughput, multi-parameter instrument requires only 6 reagents, compared to an industry standard of 8-15. The Yumizen H500 and Yumizen H550 models need only 3 reagents. Furthermore, the Yumizen H2500’s reagents contain less methanol and fluorescent dyes than equivalents, helping to protect the environment and human health.

HORIBA Medical is delighted to be in receipt of these awards in recognition of the continuing drive to develop and deliver products that meet customer requirements in terms of innovation while being mindful of protecting the environment.

Company Profile

HORIBA Medical provides an extensive and comprehensive line of hematology, hemostasis and clinical chemistry solutions (including analyzers, reagents and consumables) for use in in vitro diagnostic.

Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Medical brand.

Today, more than 30,000 laboratories are using HORIBA Medical’s solutions around the world.

Contact details

Julie de La Vaissiere – Public Relations Officer

Tel. +33 467 141 559